Tips for Choosing Small Business Technology Solutions

Mark J

Updated · Aug 10, 2010

Adapted from the “Wall Street Journal Complete Small Business Guidebook”, this article offers basic considerations to help you choose the right hardware and software for specific business functions. Common functions covered in the guide include Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management and Operations, Finance and Accounting, and General Management.

“Inventory Management and Operations: If you stock merchandise, then bar codes, radiofrequency ID tags, scanners and related software can help you keep track of inventory and fill customers' orders in a more timely fashion. Some businesses use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which pulls from both hardware and software programs to integrate various functions, such as distribution, shipping and invoicing. An ERP system can help a business owner figure out the amount of inventory needed to prevent overstocking, which can reduce overhead. Major players in the ERP space include Microsoft, NetSuite and Aplicor.”

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