Top 15 Skins That Look Better in CS2

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Jan 23, 2024

Top 15 Skins That Look Better in CS2

The transition to a new engine brought several visual updates. Most noticeable is the improved appearance of the maps, some of which have been completely redesigned. And that’s not all that happened in the game.

Of course, changes have occurred to the skins. Although not all innovations were received positively by the community, some cs2 skins became much more colorful and interesting.

It may be worth purchasing them now because since the release of CS2, the price is constantly increasing due to high demand.

AWP | Sun in Leo

This skin, added to the game in 2015, is considered by many to be one of the best budget sniper rifle designs. However, AWP | Sun in Leo looked quite dark in CS:GO, which made it difficult to recognize the zodiac signs and constellations on the body.

AWP - Sun in Leo




M4A1-S | Moss Quartz

Similar changes occurred with M4A1-S | Moss Quartz. This skin, released in 2019, was not particularly popular due to its bland, dark green pattern. The CS2 version has brighter elements and lighter green accents, and the way light now reflects off the metal surfaces makes the skin more visible.

It costs:

  • from $39.44 for Factory New;
  • from $23.47 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $20.48 for Field-Tested.

The skin has only three exteriors, so it is very difficult to notice any particular scratches.

M4A1-S - Moss Quartz

Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel

For a long time, the skin remained among the not-very-popular knife skins, since it looked dark and dull. But in CS2, its blade has become lighter, and the inserts on the handle now contrast more.

Butterfly Knife - Blue Steel


Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

In previous examples, the updated skin became more contrasting and brighter, but there are also variants where changes occur in the opposite direction. In CS2, the contrast of Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption is not as sharp, and the surface of the weapon looks especially good when exposed to sunlight.

Desert Eagle - Cobalt Disruption

Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy

When the light shines on this weapon in CS2, the body glows golden. It is much more pleasing to the eye than the dark yellow surface in CS:GO. This is a great option for those who prefer a minimalist style without unnecessary details.

Five-SeveN - Copper Galaxy

M4A1-S | Hot Rod

This skin has become brighter red, and the black adds contrast to the overall style. You can buy it for $650.

M4A1-S - Hot Rod

USP-S | The Traitor

In CS2, the skin became brighter. The new graphics make it possible to truly enjoy the vibrant colors. However, the cost has not increased much. Minimum price: $6.22

USP-S - The Traitor

Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler

The skin has become so bright that it deserves special attention. The incredible green color, almost neon, makes the skin a masterpiece and not just a game item. When exposed to sunlight, the skin looks very beautiful.

Glock-18 - Gamma Doppler

AUG | Carved Jade

This is another skin where the developers paid special attention to the green color. In this case, the color has become deeper compared to CS:GO, and more impressive. When exposed to light, the color of the skin becomes even more beautiful.

AUG - Carved Jade

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

If the previous skins have not changed much, then the same cannot be said about this one. The skin has become much more colorful due to the new engine. Bright lines glare from the light, and clear colors—in CS2, the skin is gaining popularity.

Desert Eagle- Bronze Deco

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

In the new version, the drawing has become clearer and the lines are brighter. Now the details can be seen from afar, the skin has been given a second life.

P2000 - Imperial Dragon

MAC-10 | Stalker

In CS:GO the skin was bright, but in CS2 it became a true masterpiece of design. The combination of colors, images, and chaotic lines all make the skin an excellent option for purchase. Moreover, the minimum price is $8.

MAC-10 - Stalker

Glock-18 | Twilight Galaxy

Twilight Galaxy is another skin for the popular Glock-18. In CS2 the skin has a blue tint, which is not so bright, but the flickering highlights complement the design and make it less boring than before.

Glock-18 - Twilight Galaxy

Butterfly Knife | Lore

This skin was interesting in the previous version, but with the new engine, the clean lines and iridescent gold color on the blade make it even more beautiful and desirable for CS2 users.

Butterfly Knife - Lore

Ursus Knife | Doppler

The color of the blade has become very saturated. It is especially beautiful to see this when exposed to sunlight. This is why the skin will remain popular among users.

Ursus Knife - Doppler


The release of CS2 created a huge stir for skins. Old fans love the new version and compare it positively with the previous game. And new fans are learning all the delights of Counter-Strike.

When purchasing game items, it is important not to fall for scammers and to use only proven platforms. DMarket is such a platform, with a great reputation among CS2 fans, a large assortment of skins, low commission, and the ability to withdraw personal funds to your wallet.

Robyn Greenspan
Robyn Greenspan

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