Understanding Social Customer Engagement

Mark J

Updated · Jan 20, 2011

These four social customer engagement scenarios, based on Chess Media Group and Metz Consulting client experience and observations, can help your company learn to engage with customers through social channels. Also noted in this Search Engine Watch story is that some sort of existing customer records, whether that be through a CRM system or some kind of purchase history is required to move from one scenario to another.

“To make this final move, the organization needs to fully integrate social data and interactions with traditional customer data. Typically, ownership of this type of initiative is already clearly spelled out, whether it be a particular department around social business or perhaps a cross functional ‘center of excellence.’

“A long-term vision for the social customer has been laid out and the mutually beneficial value to the customer and the company is being fully realized by both parties. The strategic framework and infrastructure for scaling this initiative must also be in place.

“The organization as a whole must also be aligned on the social customer strategy and what it means to the organization (and departments involved).”

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