Use Social CRM to Support Your Customer Strategy

Mark J

Updated · Oct 18, 2010

According to DMC Software social CRM is transforming the way businesses engage with their stakeholders and companies should incorporate Social CRM into their customer strategy for best results. Also noted in the company’s news release on PR-USA is that by harnessing the information shared in online communities, social CRM enables organizations to begin a meaningful exchange with their customers.

“Robert Pope, Business Development manager at DMC Software comments, ‘Social media and CRM are perfect bedfellows, as our recent Social CRM workshops demonstrated. The ability to understand customer interactions but also opinions and recommendations provides
organizations with an accurate barometer of customer satisfaction. Social CRM is a tool that facilitates collecting, understanding and acting on customers’ and prospects’ opinions. Social media enables businesses to develop an on-going relationship of trust and recommendation.'”

Read the Full Story at DMC Software

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