Utopy Offers New Speech Analytics Solutions

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · May 03, 2010

Utopy, Inc., has announced two new products that leverage the insights from Speech Analytics to increase customer satisfaction and retention rates. According the the
company's the n product release statement, UTOPY Customer Satisfaction is designed to predict customer satisfaction levels and uncover the root cause of customer dissatisfaction. The second product, UTOPY Customer Retention identifies speech metrics that correlates with customer churn behavior and predicts potential at-risk customers for proactive retention efforts.

“UTOPY Customer Satisfaction detects all customer dissatisfaction, discovers the root causes and facilitates resolutions, thereby quickly delivering substantial improvements in customer satisfaction levels. UTOPY’s emotion detection technology first identifies and measures any changes in tone of voice, anger, frustration, elation, or other displays of emotion. Combining this with phrases uttered within the context of the customer-agent conversation, UTOPY Customer Satisfaction then determines deficiencies in products, processes or agent performance that are causing customer dissatisfaction. Dashboards, reports and alerts highlight these main drivers of customer dissatisfaction and UTOPY Targeted Coaching is then called upon to schedule, facilitate and monitor agent coaching sessions.

“UTOPY Customer Retention first correlates events from customer interactions with the subsequent customer behavior tracked by other systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It then identifies speech metrics that would be leveraged to predict potential customer churn behavior, and delivers these predictions via alerts, dashboards, and reports, enabling proactive preventative action. These predictions can also be fed into CRM or Business Intelligence (BI) churn models to provide a more comprehensive and accurate churn prediction.”

Read the News Release at Utopy.com

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