Vendors Bring Telephony and Mobile to ERP

Mark J

Updated · Apr 07, 2011

Businesses to replace the cell phones in your business will want to examine the role of the mobile device in their organization and what data beyond that in an ERP system is needed to provide appropriate levels of business value in the field. As reported in this ZDNet Blog, Mobile technologies were the stars of recent briefings by top executives at companies like SAP (NYSE: SAP), Workday, ClickSoftware and Appirio.

“Appirio, a very modern systems integrator with a penchant for cloud to cloud integration initiatives, created a series of mobile applications for a home healthcare provider. These mobile apps merge information from, Workday and Google on an Appirio-built user interface. Moreover, the functionality that is made available to users is device dependent as some functions can be completed only on iPads while many others can be completed on iPhones.

“In this situation, Appirio has built a cloud-based set of applications that utilize, seamlessly, information from multiple cloud sources via a single user interface. This point is quite important as the company did not try to mimic portions of ERP, CRM or email screen panels to fit on a reduced form factor. Instead, Appirio looked at the user's business problem first and designed a custom user interface that pulled the appropriate data from various different cloud subsystems. The client in this case has approximately 3000 remote workers and possibly 80 desktop software users. Their workforce is not only cloud connected but is also interconnected with each other and with the information systems of their firm and service providers.”

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