WebDialogs, IRT Team On Call Center Online Communication

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Jan 09, 2001

BILLERICA, MA–WebDialogs, Inc., a provider of enhanced voice and multimedia
communication services, has announced its partnership with IRT, a provider of
customer relationship marketing services and contact marketing programs. WebDialogs says
that IRT clients can now combine voice capabilities with data collaboration through
WebDialogs' WebInteract service. They say WebInteract offers the end user a
communications services platform with broader and enhanced customer interaction solutions.

“With WebDialogs' WebInteract service, we have expanded the live, interactive Web response
services we offer our clients. WebInteract's collaboration or real-time co-browsing, as
well as its instant voice over Internet protocol and public switched telephone
network connections can now be an integral part of the Web services we provide,”
said Richard Eychner, chief operating officer for IRT. “Through the use of WebDialogs'
technology, our agents can push and view Web pages with customers in tandem, all the while
sharing these secure pages with visitors without disclosing passwords.” He added, “We were
able to integrate WebInteract with our existing technology infrastructure and train our
teams on the use of these services easily and quickly.”

WebDialogs says that in addition to IRT's telephony and contact center features,
WebDialogs' technology allows the call center's service agents to assist Web
visitors with real-time site navigation, order processing, application and form completion
and product comparisons. They say that with real-time voice and data collaboration, agents
can enhance their cross-selling and up-selling activities and meet quality assurance and
monitoring objectives. As a result IRT clients can enjoy increased online conversion
rates, improve customer satisfaction and build long-term customer relationships.

“We are pleased to partner with a leading call center such as IRT who shares in a goal
of offering customers a complete customer relationship management solution,” said Lou
Guercia, president and CEO of WebDialogs. “By integrating our WebInteract technology,
IRT is able to extend live online assistance to its strong customer base and respond to
the growing demand for CRM outsourcing services.”

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