WebEx Partners Announce Integration

ASPnews.com Staff

Updated · Mar 03, 2004

On-demand CRM service provider salesforce.com and WebEx Communications on Monday announced plans to integrate salesforce.com with the WebEx MediaTone Network.

The integrated service, planned for release in summer 2004, will allow customers to launch a WebEx meeting from salesforce.com, and capture all relevant information from the meeting in the salesforce.com CRM service. The two companies will work closely to promote integrated and complementary products to their combined customer base, as well as streamline the trial and purchase of each other’s services.

“Companies of all sizes realize the on-demand model is the only option for CRM success,” said Marc Benioff, salesforce.com chairman and CEO. “Now the pioneers and champions of the model are coming together to help sales forces more effectively manage relationships and communications with their customers, partners and colleagues — all without software.”

The integration of the market-leading services will be completed through sforce, the on demand platform that powers salesforce.com.

“This agreement reaffirms our commitment to integrate our MediaTone web communications capabilities into the applications and services business people use everyday,” said Subrah Iyar, chairman and CEO, WebEx.

WebEx partner and Collaboration Management provider ViewCentral today also announced integration of its product with WebEx. ViewCentral 4.7 has been integrated for use with the WebEx Event Center service, creating a seamless process for managing and executing large-scale Web-based events.

ViewCentral solutions enable marketing and training professionals to streamline the management of virtual and in-person events. Specifically, ViewCentral solutions are used to manage registration, payment, scheduling, Web and audio conferencing, evaluations, reporting and analysis for marketing and training events.

As a result of the integration with WebEx Event Center, ViewCentral customers will have access to the full suite of event management services offered by ViewCentral combined with the entire range of web communications capabilities of the WebEx MediaTone Network.

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