Yammer Adds Social Layer to CRM, HR and Supply Chain Apps

Vangie Beal

Updated · May 18, 2011

Enterprise social networking provider Yammer has unveiled a number of new integration products that add a “social layer” to improve collaboration and decision-making within enterprises.

According to Yammer, the new suite of integration products enable enterprise networks to integrate social networking into their systems of record, such as document management systems and business applications such as CRM, HR, finance and supply chain management solutions.

“Enterprise social networking has moved beyond early adopters and is becoming part of the fabric of how we work,” said David Sacks, CEO of Yammer. “Yammer is adding a social layer to the applications that employees use every day in a way that breaks down silos, fostering productivity, collaboration and improved decision making.”

In the announcement, Yammer detailed four integration products for enterprise collaboration and social networking:

  • Yammer Activity Stream: A new “Activity Stream” tab on the Yammer website aggregates stories about coworker actions in their enterprise apps to enable discovery and collaboration around relevant business data.
  • Activity Stream API: The Yammer Activity Stream API enables third-party developers to publish activity stories from business applications into the Yammer Activity Stream, accelerating the availability of new integrations.
  • Enterprise Extensions to the Open Graph Protocol: Yammer extended the Open Graph Protocol developed by Facebook for the enterprise to include extensions for business-specific objects such as employee, customer, office and document.
  • Yammer Embed: Yammer Embed allows Yammer feeds to be embedded inside virtually any business application through the simple use of an embed code, letting employees view and participate in relevant Yammer discussions without leaving their business applications.

This announcement follows last week's news that the Yammer Activity Stream was integrated with NetSuite cloud ERP solutions, making NetSuite data available in Yammer upon customer request.

Yammer also said the company is seeing widespread adoption of its enterprise social networking platform by companies of all sizes, industries and geographies. Some adopters of Yammer social networking include Xerox, Southern Company, SUPERVALU and Heinz (U.K.).

According to Yammer, with the availability of Yammer's Activity Stream API, any source of enterprise data can flow into Yammer, enabling recipients to quickly and easily collaborate with their colleagues around this information.


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