You Talkin’ to Me? Global Beach and Dejima Partner to Develop Natural Language CRM Interfaces

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Mar 29, 2001

SAN JOSE, CA– Software developer and e-consultancy company, The Global Beach Group, has announced a strategic alliance with Dejima, Inc., creators of CRM solutions that utilize a natural user interface.

Taking advantage of complimentary technologies and skill sets, the partnership will create enhanced user experiences for software, CRM and in-car telematic systems by developing open platform natural language interfaces.

Global Beach's software development and e-consultancy expertise will be used to apply Dejima's enabling technologies to real-world situations, adding value and dramatically improving the way people interact with software applications and complex information systems.

“Dejima's solutions will enable us to build a natural language interface which allows users to describe exactly what they want by saying, typing or inputting what they think, as opposed to following a particular index or menu structure, therefore transforming levels of interactivity and ease of use,” says Clive Jackson, CEO and founder of the Global Beach Group.

This technology is particularly attractive to Global Beach since they have developed interactive and multimedia programs for several automobile manufacturers including Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari. In fact, Global Beach's 2Sync(TM), a digital personal organizer allowing one-to-one interaction with users via multi-media channels, has already been licensed and branded by Jaguar Cars Ltd.

Antoine Blondeau, president and COO of Dejima Inc., commented, “The Global Beach Group … has a strong pedigree in the automotive sector and we look forward to developing innovative joint solutions in this fast emerging market.”

The Global Beach Group develops software and designs e-consultancy services that enable businesses to maximize the value of customer relationships. Consisting of Global Beach e-Consultancy and Global Beach Software, the Group combines technical and creative expertise to develop e-CRM solutions for international clients.

Dejima has patented software that allows companies to provide human methods to interact with technology. Dejima's Natural Interaction solution enables developers and solution integrators to create a natural user interface — a bridge between end users and the sophisticated applications or databases they are trying to access.

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