ATG Offers Dynamo on BEA WebLogic

Amy Mayer

Updated · Jan 15, 2002

ATG Monday released ATG Dynamo e-business applications for BEA WebLogic Server. With this release, ATG makes strides toward fulfilling the application server strategy it outlined last summer.

If all goes as planned, ATG will offer Dynamo customers and partners the flexibility to develop and deploy ATG applications that run on Dynamo and other leading J2EE application servers, including BEA WebLogic Server.

ATG first announced plans to deploy its entire application suite on the leading J2EE Web application servers in July 2001.

BEA WebLogic Server is the first third-party application server to be supported by ATG (although last September the company announced it would deploy Dynamo on IBM's WebSphere Application Server). WebLogic works with ATG Dynamo version 5.6, ATG Enterprise Portal, and Enterprise Commerce Suites to enable enterprises to optimize their infrastructure investments with advanced application deployment and support.

Participants in the beta test program included Charles Schwab, KPMG Germany, and Hoffman LaRoche.

“Our customers want to fully utilize their existing infrastructure investments while deploying advanced e-business applications,” said Joe Chung, co-founder and chairman of ATG. “BEA WebLogic customers now have the flexibility to do this by running our online CRM applications on their BEA infrastructure.”

Rauline Ochs, senior vice president of worldwide strategic alliances for BEA added, “The availability of ATG applications on BEA WebLogic illustrates how customers can build, extend, and integrate all of their e-business applications on BEA WebLogic. The alliance is another effort to provide our customers with best-of-breed solutions for a total e-business solution.”

Reprinted from ServerWatch

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