“Remind Me” Button Aims to Retain Customers

Devin Comiskey

Updated · Apr 13, 2006

There’s Buy It Now, Add to Cart and now a new button that you may begin seeing on e-commerce sites around the Web: Remind Me. Joint venture Marketing, based in Toronto launched www.RemindMeButton.com this week with the goal of helping online retailers hold on to potential sales. The service includes a “Remind Me Button” mechanism, e-mail marketing services and a reminder service.

“Web site owners spend countless hours and money in acquiring traffic only to see the majority of their Web site traffic leave with little or no action taken,” said Uri Lederman of RemindMeButton.com, in a written statement. “Unlike other on-line reminder services, we believe that the reminder should be initiated through the product or service and not from a tedious end-user administration panel.”

“The Remind Me Button is placed next to your standard Buy Now button and offers the Web site visitor a quick and painless way of reminding themselves of the product or service at the time or event they want to be reminded of,” said Lederman. “By automating this process we provide our customers with a cost effective method of marketing their products or services at the right place and at the right time.”

In the Small Business Computing forums, Lederman further explained the benefits of the “Remind Me Button” service and why it makes sense for site owners to use it instead of hiring a developer to create similar functionality, saying it “is there to save countless hours and effort for the Web site owners who are not technically savvy.”

“This service is very valuable for those that are using it. Our community is growing and taking advantage of being able to make money year round not just (during the) holiday season like most sites out there,” he added.

“Web site visitors are getting smarter nowadays. It is getting harder and harder to capture their information (have a look at your stats). How many of your visitors leave you site with no action taken? What if one percent of your visitors use this button? What are you chances of having this come back to you site and purchase you product if they do?,” added Lederman.

Access to the http://www.RemindMeButton.com service is available for a free lifetime trial account that includes unlimited reminder notifications. Scalable packages start at an affordable $15 per month with unlimited reminder notifications, e-mail marketing campaigns and database manipulation.

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