VCs Raise HotRoof Staff

Updated · Nov 15, 2001

HotRoof, a Great Barrington, Mass., maker of software that allows customers to customize video programming, has raised
$825, 000 in financing for product development and sales efforts.

Davenport Capital Ventures, of Braintree, Mass., was lead backer. Village Ventures and Flavin, Blake & Co., also participated. The latest windfall follows a $3.3
million round in October.

“HotRoof’s products and services, designed to ensure profitable and efficient reuse of existing assets, are an attractive solution for any content owner looking to
continuously expand product offerings and revenue,” said Bernard Plishtin, HotRoof president and CEO.

StreamWriter 2.0, HotRoof’s flagship product, transforms existing instructional, informational, entertainment, corporate and remote communications content into
personalized video programs delivered on-demand over the Internet, corporate intranet/extranet, or via VHS tape, DVD or CD-ROM.

“The opportunity for video customization and on-demand media delivery is vast and highlighted by the ongoing mergers and acquisition activity we’re currently
seeing in this space,” said Patrick Davenport, president and founder of Davenport Capital Ventures.

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