Wireless Check-In for Flights

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · May 25, 2001

By Matthew A. Peretz

Checking onto a Lufthansa flight in Germany just got easier for members of Lufthansa's frequent flier program. The company introduced its m-Barq system last year and has recently enhanced features so that travelers can now use a cell phone to check in.

The m-Barq system is an Internet e-ticketing and check-in system. It allows e-ticketed travelers to check in at an interactive kiosk, rather than in line as usual.

Now, mobile phone users can elect to have their e-ticket delivered straight to their Internet-enabled cell phone. Travelers download a barcode image to their WAP-enabled phone instead of a ticket number. Then, when they arrive at an interactive kiosk in the airport they simply wave the phone in front of a scanner, answer some security questions, and get printed out boarding cards.

The system was developed in a joint venture between Lufthansa and Siemens Business Systems (SBS). The company stated that it will initially offer the service exclusively to Lufthansa's frequent flier program members, and only on flights within Germany for the time being. Depending on acceptance, the company will roll out the service to other routes after that.

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