Yube’ Unveils Simple Web Sign-On

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · Aug 13, 2001

Developing software can be one huge mountain to climb, but putting your software on the desktops of your customers and your employees doesn’t have to be as difficult.

At least that’s what Yube’, a software maker for Web-based customer services, says.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company launched what it says is a better way for companies to get their employees and customers start using its software right away.

The program is called a Web Sign-On and can be downloaded on a trial basis.

“With traditional customer services applications, companies spend months on consulting and training before rolling them out to users,” says Yube’ CEO and co-founder Taraneh Derak. “Our simple Web sign-on, ease of configuration and ease of use enable businesses to have their services staff and end-customers running enterprise-class customer services applications in minutes.”

The company says any administrator or user, including non-technical staff, can go to the URL, fill out key information and have their employees and customers start using Yube’s software right away.

The company is now looking at licensing its Web sign-on software to other parties.

Reprinted from siliconvalley.internet.com.

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