Discord Statistics 2022 Revenue Growth, Active Users, Funding and Advantages

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Updated · Jul 03, 2022

Discord Statistics 2022 Revenue Growth, Active Users, Funding and Advantages

Kay Discord Statistics

Discord is one of the most popular voice and text chat applications on the internet. It has over 150 million active users, making it one of the most popular communication tools out there. In this article, we will be looking at some of the Discord statistics and how it compares to other popular chat applications.

  • Discord launched against two main interacting apps in 2015 when it was first launched. Discord’s first launch was in 2015 when it faced two popular apps: Skype and TeamSpeak.
  • This is why Discord gained so much praise and traffic. When the enterprise tried hard to meet its ends, it was inevitable that servers crashed.
  • Jason Citron, Discord’s founder, had just completed a $100 million acquisition of OpenFeint his social gaming software.
  • He believed that Discord could be more successful than TeamSpeak and Skype by using the latest and updated approach to online communication.
  • Citron Discord was able to do more than any interactive sessions with the help of servers. Apart from searching Reddit forums or on Reddit, people who participated joined a dedicated server to their game.
  • As server popularity grew, administrators were empowered to add subchannels for specific game modes or topics.
  • Discord hosts 6.7 million active servers. This number is growing, though many of them aren’t gaming-related.
  • Discord remains a game-oriented platform. The team is working to improve its coverage in order to withstand the competition with eminent interactive platforms
  • Not monitored private servers have been a source of controversy. To manage the famous rally, white supremacists used a server. It blocked the users of the party and the rest of them; neoNazi and alt-right servers.
  • It has since started the attestation, implements for making robots to soon exterminate these groups.
  • Discord launched with textual and voice channels to communicate. 2017 was the year Discord began to offer screen sharing and video calling. It integrates with Twitch. Spotify. Xbox Live.
  • Discord’s popularity coincided closely with the growth of sports gamers. This was through games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends, all of these games had very few implements for contacting.
  • Discord gained popularity as a marketing tool for Twitch streamers.
  • Discord failed to create a revenue model despite its rapid growth. In 2016, it had ten million in a month who are not at all dormant users (MAUs), and in 2018, it has grown to forty-five million.
  • Although it was able to sell digitalized stickons and goods in the initial years, Discord only made 10$ million of earnings for 2017.
  • It opened a place for recreational games in the year twenty eighteen that offered a select set of games. Discord Nitro, the subscription service it launched, offered more emojis as well as larger upload sizes, support for the servers, and give direct use of the games sent up on audio and visual at the storefront.
  • Discord Nitro continues to be in operation. However, Discord Nitro did give paid game characteristics in year twenty nineteen, showing a no keenness in it.
  • The storefront has been canceled. Discord and not the first and second game developers were not being made any money. Games can be sold directly by game developers via servers.
  • Discord’s position is stable despite the collapse of its storefront.
  • While Discord’s usage has soared during the pandemic situation it announced recently that it had reached over 100,000,000 MAUs and that it has reached ten point six million existing users
  • We don’t know if it has the capacity to gitter the community expert in the gaming and win MicrosoftTeams users or businesses.
  • It changed its mission, main aim to “Chat for Gamers”, and redesigned the website to be less risqué.
  • According to WSJ Discord had $130 million in revenue collected in 2020. That’s a 188% increase from the year prior
  • Discord makes almost all its revenue from its top list.
  • Discord is home to over 140,000,000 gamers who are lively gaming and three hundred million registered members
  • Its price at $7 Billion in 2021. In less than one year, its value doubled to $24 B

Discord Revenue and Monthly Active Users

Launched on 13th May 2015, it is a communication industry and a private enterprise

Revenue from Discord

Grew from 2016 to 2020 from 5 to 130 million dollar
Note: News is not given out publically
Sources: Forbes, WSJ

Monthly Active Users of Discord

Grew from 10 million users to 140 million users from 2017 to 2021.
Sources: Business Insider, Techspot

Discord Daily Active Users

Year Daily active users grew from 9 to 14 million users in 2 years from 2017 to 2019.
Sources: TechCrunch, Engadget

Discord Peak Concurrent Users

Year Peak concurrence in 2020 was 10.6 million users.
Source: Variety

Discord Registered Users

Year Registered users from 2016 to 2020 saw it grow from 25 million to 300 million.
Sources: TechCrunch, Techspot, WSJ

Active Servers for Discord

Year Active servers in 2020 were 6.7 million.
Source: Wersm

Discord Valuation Growth

From 2017 to 2021 from 1.6 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars.
Source: TechCrunch, Prime Unicorn Index.

Total Funding for Discord

Year funding increased from 2012 to 2021 grew from 1 million dollars to 480 million dollars.
Source: Crunchbase

Discord Highlights

  • 850,000,000 daily messages are sent every day, 6,000,000,000 weekly, and 25000000000 every month (Source: VentureBeat)
  • 4,000,000,000 words are exchanged spoken or written across it on daily basis (The Verge)
  • Discord is used by 390 million people as of twenty twenty-one year
  • Discord has almost crossed 125 million US$ a year in revenue
  • The company’s primary revenue stream is Nitro, a premium Discord option. You can pay $9.99/month or $ Ninety-nine point ninety-nine per year for a not an ordinary subscription. The video is of high resolution and inclusion images
  • Discord has many millions of active servers per day
  • The server may host 25000 users at a given time
  • Funding of $483.8 million was raised
  • Discord users on average spend 9 minutes daily in the United States.
  • Discord’s value currently stands at $15 billion
  • Discord was launched as a platform for Gamers but it gained huge support from audiences ranging from artists to programmers to artists to hikers.
  • Discord was originally concentrated on video game development. Discord came to realize that the chat system created for gamer interaction is more important than any of the video games, and this was the turning moment.
  • After this twist, the company has changed a lot.
  • When the communication tool became famous for gamers it was the door that opened. It allowed the team to expand their horizons and made them more open to other groups.

The Purpose Behind Discord

  • Stan and Jason agree that technology is complex. The aim was not easy: There is no chase among people for likes/comments, there aren’t newsreels nor videos, and there’s no algorithm that determines which is what viewers like.
  • Discord is the best medium to connect people and societies. It’s a space where people can easily interact despite being exploited by marketing tactics.

Discord’s Advantages

  • Users can communicate with one another using a chat program due to Discord
      • Text sessions
      • Video calls
      • Voice calls
  • Private sessions and group sessions are also available.
  • Discord makes it simple to link files with desktops or mobile phones. Based on user experience there is consistency.
  • Discord features a user-friendly, platform to interact through chats that supports GIFs (emojis) and other emojis. It completely supports no advertisements.
  • This write-up is a summary of the statistics that Discord has achieved till now, and how they are currently being used.

Features In Discord That Ensures Security

  • Discord has many security and privacy settings.
  • Let’s examine some of Discord’s most prominent security features.
  • Discord offers a secure VoIP application that does not leak IP addresses or personal data. Discord also features an auto encryption technique to protect chats.
  • The discord app is designed to automatically connect the user to another server in case of an unexpected server loss. This prevents data from being lost.
  • DDoS is used to protect Discord’s backend servers. The server problems are solved with the system not functioning or technical faults.

Discord’s Revenue Growth Over the Years

  • Discord made 45 million dollars in annual revenue in 2019, according to statistics.
  • It was also a 135 Million in 2020! This is greater than twice the revenue of the previous years!
  • Graph that depicts how Discord has grown


How can Discord keep its Performance?

  • Discord usage was not allowed to compromise the CPU performance and impact the gaming experience.
  • Discord lets you game at a high FPS rate.
  • Discord uses “code-splitting” to increase efficiency and update more features. Code-splitting loads only the code that is needed at the time.
  • This methodology allows applications to update existing characteristics add languages and polish their characteristics without affecting their performance.
  • Discord also has servers distributed all over the globe so that users can quickly access the closest server.

How Many People Use Discord

Discord’s usage statistics showed that about three hundred million users had registered for an account in 2020. Of those, approximately one hundred twenty million were active users. At least one hundred fifty million active users are using Discord.

Let’s see how Discord has grown year by year in terms of active and registered users.

  • It was chosen as the substitute for the Government’s formal application for learning in distant in Franc but was not a success.
  • Discord was able to rise into the top ten downloaded apps in the nation thanks to this move. Discord is still among the top 50 most-downloaded apps in the UK, US, and France.

Statistics of Discord in Funding

  • Discord’s Series H round of Venture Captial funding was closed on September 2021. The total amount raised by Discord is $982.6 million.
  • Discord, which also includes Sony Interactive Entertainment has attracted investments from 27 businesses.
  • The table below shows Discord’s Series-wise Fundraising Progress since 2016.

(Source: Crunchbase)

Discord’s Market Price?

  • Discord was offered by Microsoft Corp as an acquisition at a price of about $ twelve billion, but it was ultimately rejected by the enterprise just like all other acquisitions.
  • Epic Games, Twitter, Amazon, and others are reporting that the setup is still in high demand. Discord’s current value in the market is $15 billion after it raised $500 million in its last fundraising.

Discord Statistics Discord’s Market Price?

Discord’s Snowsgiving – Participated by 200,000

  • This holiday celebration, known as Snowsgiving, takes place in December.
  • There’s also the possibility to get acquaintances, participate in contests and giveaways, and help charities.
  • More than 200,000 people have joined the server. They were able to collect more than $200,000 in support of Doctors Without Borders.
  • While you might think these stats show that workers have it fairly well, the interesting thing; actually falls below the mean pay of $152,902.
  • We’re sure Discord will continue to grow as it does better and becomes more popular, raising its wages. To be honest, $63 per hour isn’t terrible.
  • Beast is not just well-known on YouTube. He has also established himself as a Discord star.
  • Beast’s Discord server boasts more than 700,000. Members, making him the most viewed Discord member.
  • You may believe someone will surpass you at a juncture. But, honestly, Mr. Beast is everywhere else, so we think he will be able to keep his reign for a while.
  • According to Discord statistics live streaming appears to be quite liked by the gamers of the USA.
  • Discord may not seem like a streaming platform initially, but 14% say they view live streams from Discord games.
  • Three other better than this: YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.
  • There are many apps socially available that try to grab users’ attention.
  • TikTok, Instagram, as well as a host of other social media sites are all out to get the attention of young people.
  • Discord is so popular that 33% of teenagers consider it to be their favorite social media app.
  • It is not a social networking app. However, it seems to have appealed to the younger generation.
  • There are many social media platforms that allow you to log in quickly, view what’s going on, and then log back out.
  • YouTube is another place where you may spend a bit more time.
  • These Discord statistics reveal that it is not surprising that people are spending longer on the server.
  • It comes down at five hours per month, or nine minutes per day.
  • Discord has profited $one hundred thirty Million in 2020
  • Discord statistics reveal that Discord is growing rapidly and will only continue to grow.
  • Discord’s profit in 2019 was $45 million, which means its profit has increased 188% per year.
  • This statistic, again, is quite impressive and suggests that Discord has big plans.

Discord rejected an offer of $12 million

  • A lot of companies that watch the need to implement Discord.
  • Discord rejected an offer for $ twelve million, for all of us might consider a lot.
  • Discord is aware of their worth and wants the best for them.
  • They know that if the work continues, they will be worth at least twice this amount in the future.
  • Discord was only $7 billion in 2020 just a few short years ago. It now stands at $15 billion.
  • As with its profits, Discord statistics again show that it is on an upwards trend and is not slowing down.

It raised $482.6 million in funding

  • A majority of social platforms and applications require funding rounds in the beginning.
  • This is to ensure that the funds are available to help them create and maintain the software.
  • Discord has had some successful funding rounds.
  • This Discord statistic shows that there have been over 12 rounds which raised $482 million. Sony is the current one that has invested.
  • Discord is known for its unique approach to social media. You can see this in these Discord statistics.
  • Its characteristics included servers. Discord now has nineteen million servers active each week.

What Next for Discord

  • Discord changed its catchphrase to “Your place to chat” in 2020.
  • The company also announced that it will no longer be involved with video games and instead focus on creating a universal communication application.
  • Many people came to the platform because of the pandemic lockdown situation.
  • Competitors offer $18 billion to Discord. Discord has not yet declined. Discord and Sony PlayStation have been working together since early 2022.
  • They are also exploring other revenue-generating methods.
  • There are few future-based plans, such as creating small videogames in which users can buy various things.
  • Partnership with media influencers, artists, and other media to arrange programs with tickets. Then taking a cut from what they have earned.
  • It faces stiff competition from other coming up and growing startups like it. Facebook, Reddit Slack, and Telegram are all examples of this.
  • They are required to address the concerns of “socially accountable activists” about the effects of games via video on teens.

Concluding Thoughts

  • These stats in 2022 reveal that it has a long way to go.  It has more to see.
  • It has worked tirelessly in the backend to create a society or group of people from different niches to enjoy. Given the amount of competition for applications on society platforms in this space, we believe that it is performing very well.
  • These discord statistics shine a spotlight on the widespread use of societies that interact via internet. They also highlight how easy it is to interact with others through the web world.
  • Discord’s future seems bright. Keep an eye on this space.
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