TLD Statistics 2023 – All About Top-Level Domain, Growth and Usage

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Updated · Sep 22, 2023

TLD Statistics 2023 – All About Top-Level Domain, Growth and Usage

Statistics on TLD: TLD, also known as the domain at the topmost, simply indicates the letters at the domain's end.

It is an easy thing to do but can make all the difference in your knowledge of the internet. TLDs can be used to either clarify the purpose of your website or (as is the situation with .com), simply instill trust. Hosting Tribunal clearly indicates the purpose of the website – it is used to evaluate hosting providers.

Are you curious about the number of .coms available or which country-code top domain has the highest demand?

Let's look at some statistics on TLDs to help you understand the complexity of those letters.

  • As of 2023, there are almost 26.3 million generic TLD domains available.
  • The most used and number one domain is ‘.com’ which is enhancing currently and growing global registered TLD by 52.3%.
  • There are at present 263,000 gTLD domains which are generic TLD
  • 3% All TLDs worldwide are registered with .com, and it is showing an increasing trend.
  • China is the country that has the most domains.
  • In 2012 1,232 TLDs were classified by ICANN.
  • More than 23 million domains are named under the recently upcoming generic TLDs.
  • The top generic TLD of the moment is .xyz.
  • .gdn refers to the extension of the domain that is most frequently used.

Growth and Usage of TLDs

  • In Q4 2018 there were around 348.7 million domain names being registered on the domain at the top levels. This is 1.8% more than Quarter 3. (Verisign)
  • In the year 2012, the approval was given by ICANN to the brands around 1232.
  • In January 2020 the TLDs in numbers was 1,253. While this was a minor rise, given the fact that there have been only a few domain names for decades, any rise is noteworthy. (Source: DomainNameStats)
  • The TLDs at the top most out of the 4 are .com. 2. .ru. 3. (Domain is the Source)
  • (as of the ninth month of the year 2021, September) .com TLDs are used by 52.3% of all domains globally registered. (Source: Statista)
  • 8% of all domains that are registered use Top-Level Domain. (Source: Statista)
  • The frequently and widely used new gTLD for the Internet is .xyz. Source.
  • By 11 September 2023, there were 28.1 million new generic TLDs. (Source: nTLDstats)
  • There are 4,118,855 domains in total under .xyz in the year 2023(name stat)
  • The fastest growing is .cloud (gTLD), which is now available. ( name stat)
  • The new gTLD sold the most .xyz ( name stat)
  • In the 2nd quarter of 2023, names of domain CCTLD of country-code were estimated to be 137 million. This has increased by 2% from last year or increased by 2.7 million domains.
  • The ccTLD population grew 5.6% in 2017 and 2018. (Source: Verisign)
  • The greatest ccTLD with a domain of around 24.7 million is .tk. It is the 2nd most popular TLD
  • December 2018 was the last year that there were 302 global extension ccTLDs. (Source: Verisign)
  • TLD statistics have shown that there is steady growth in domain name registrations. This makes perfect logical sense with the net going on an increasingly independent world.
  • .com continues, as expected, to dominate the list of most famous TLDs. It is the domain name of choice – simple and elegant.
  • .xyz domain is the top new generic TLD. We observe a yearly increase in ccTLDs.

It is obvious that .com remains the most well-known TLD. Which TLD is next?

General TLD Statistics

  • In 2023, the United States top-level domain industry ‘name’ is expected to reach 8.6 billion.
  • TLDs for public registration Google has opened up the .mov and . Zip on 3rd May 2023.
  • In the same year total 8,929 number of domains were available.
  • Unsurprisingly, 73.34% of the market is held by .com. (DomainState)
  • Dot-net takes second place with a market share of 6.11%. (DomainState)
  • Dot-org has a third-place market share of 4.87%. (DomainState)
  • According to stats Dot-top commanded the highest market share among new gTLDs with 1.74%.(Source: DomainState)
  • However,.icu showed a rapid rise in the year 2019 and exceeded it to take a share in the market at around 2.44%. ( DomainState)
  • Dot Vip is now at the 3rd level among the newest TLDs
  • Online is close behind with a 0.65% market share. (Source: DomainState)
  • Country-code TLDs
  • Tokelau' TLD has 24.9% of the market share. (Source: Statista)
  • cn has a 24.4% market share in ccTLDs. (Source: Statista)
  • The market of 22.7% is of .de (Germany’s Top-Level Domain). This roundup of the top 3 most popular ccTLDs.( Statista)
  • The three most famous domains at the top level domains are These domains have the largest market share for gTLDs. The most remarkable stats regarding. top TLD use is probably those of the other three.

Registrars Statistics

There are some very big players in the game of domain names. Real big players. The analysis of the most trusted domain registrars could be useful if you're looking to determine among them who is truly good.

  • GoDaddy had 58695,190 domains registered at the time when it was written. (Source: DomainState)
  • GoDaddy's market share stands at approximately 16%. The company holds the largest number of domain registrations. (Source: WinningWP)
  • The registered users in Canada of Tucows are 9,658,848. when this was written (DomainState)
  • It holds a 53.66% share of the market. (Source: Webhosting)
  • The registered users of HiChina were 7,312,153 by Q2 in the year 2019. (DomainState)
  • 7,120 365 domains are of Namecheap (DomainState)
  • It holds a 2.9% market share and its role as a website Host double its market share. (Webhosting)
  • network Solutions is the registrar of 6,957.397 domains. (Source: DomainState)
  • eNom boasts 5,859,517 active users. (Source: DomainState)
  • eNom currently has a 3.6% market share. (Source: WinningWP)
  • Internet, German 1&1 has domains that are registered around 4,904,509. (Source: DomainState)
  • Its share in the market is around 6%. (WinningWP)
  • The Domains registered by the PublicDomainRegistry currently have 4,295,148 domains. (DomainState is the Source)
  • The GMO Internet in Japan records 3,643,771. (Source: DomainState)
  • Domains in China of XinNet are around 3,641,412 Domains. (Source: DomainState)
  • The TLD statistics show that market dominants are none other than American, Canadian, and Chinese registrars. The ratings of TLD show that the leader is none other than GoDaddy for quite some time and also has no plans of allowing anyone else to win the most desired, yes the throne.

Countrywide TLDs Usage

  • In 2023, almost 40% of all domains include extensions with countries such as .uk, .cn, .de, etc.
  • The third most popular TLD extension is .cn with 4.14% total TLDs.
  • In the United States in 2023 there will be around 126.9 million registered domains which is almost 19.77% of the global domain.
  • Whereas, the 2nd and 3rd position of TLD share is secured by China (2.84%), and Canada (2.58%)
  • GoDaddy has registered 30.38%of domains. (nTLDStats: Source)
  • HiChina is the registry of 1,888,000,888 domains. (Source: nTLDStats)
  • China currently has 586,173 new gTLDs. That's worldwide around 20.8.%. It also has active registrations and around 526 (Source: nTLDStats)
  • In the USA the new brand TLDs is around 3.688,220 registered and it is around the world it is around 14.04% of the number of active registrations.
  • Japan is home to 6.02% of worldwide domains. Japan has 524 top-level domains (TLDs) and 128 active registers. (Source: nTLDStats)
  • GMO Internet has the upper hand in Japan. Japan now has 1,433,864 domains. (Source: nTLDStats)
  • The 3rd spot is for domains and it has the domains with some hidden information on questions like who’s. There are domains of around 2,191,441. Its global market share of it comes to 34% of it. There are 487 TLDs. There are also 165 active registrars. (Source: nTLDStats)
  • NameCheap is responsible for 670,250 domains. (Source: nTLDStats)
  • With domains around 2,130.392, Panama stands fourth. There are active registrars around 107 and TLDs around 389. (Source: nTLDStats)
  • Panama's top registrar is NameCheap, which has a number of domains of 2,065,274. (nTLDStats is the source)
  • The topmost usage is done by China. It was almost expected. USA finishing 2nd position was also not surprising. It is listed in the third position and is obscured by mystery. There are no stats available to explain it.

Top Five Well-Known TLDs as per Alexa

  • .ru hold 4.3% of the global market and were used approximately 43,142 times. (Source: Hayk Saakian)
  • is the most popular TLD. It was accessed approximately 40.671 times. (Hayk Saakian)
  • being used around 30,082 times, it is the most popular or most preferred TLD. (Source: Hayk Saakian)
  •  In 2018, 47.8% of all TLDs were .com. It was used 4776343 times. (Source: Hayk Saakian)
  • .org was 4.7% of all TLDs and was used 46.643 times. (Source: Hayk Saakian)
  • .com is again ranked top among the most preferred Domains and is at its highest level
  • . This is the most viewed domain name list. Let's now look at the number of pages on these sites.

Most Popular Top-Level Domains


  • As of June 2023, the most popular top-level domain used across the world is .com which includes 47.8% of global websites.
  • The other TLD by share of global websites is followed by .org (4.7%), .ru (3.7%), .net (2.9%), .de (2.6%), .uk (2.2%), .br (1.8%), .au (1.6%), .fr (1.6%), .jp (1.6%).

Top Known Domains for Weblogs

  • You can use .name to show the blogger as a brand. (Source: Dynadot)
  • .live can be used for blogs that are, as well as blogs that frequently update. (Source: Dynadot)
  • .me allows you to create personal blogs and brands. (Source: Dynadot)
  • For blogs for personal use is .space and indeed great for personal blogs. (Dynadot is the Source)
  • Like personal branding and blogging become more famous among the ones who get influenced it is crucial to choose the best TLD.
  • .com, the most popular and trusted TLD, is most widely known. (Dynadot)
  • .com also holds this crown. The high trust rating goes to TLD. Personal bloggers may be attracted to. me.

Top Abused TLDs



  • On 26th January, TLDs with the worst reputation or index were .surf (3.54), .rest (3), .cn (2.53), .ml (2.34), .live (2.29), beauty (2.17), .top (2.12), .gq (1.77), .cf (1.64), and .monster (1.64).
  • As of 21st September 2023, the 10 most abused Top-level domains with badness index are followed by .degree (2.77), .live (2.74), .makeup (1.83), .fyi (1.76), .beauty (1.45), .haus (1.40), .hair (1.38), .rodeo (1.34), and .gq (1.27).

TLD Distribution Statistics


The Enterprising Section of TLDs

  • Games launched on September 21, 2016, and nearly immediately had a domain name with around 3,820 registrations. (Source: OnlineDomain)
  • In the year 2019, the month of Mark saw an unprecedented drop in the number of .de domains. (Online Domain is the Source)
  • com domain purchased by Elon Musk purchased for $ 11 million in 2016. (Source: Online Domain)
  • Your branding should include TLDs. Some letters at the end of domain names are powerful. Dot com (the most used TLD) is the most relied on. People tend to not have faith in new things. But in this instance, it may be true. These stats on TLD speak volumes.
  • In less than 24 hours, .site registered more than 140,000 domain names. (Source: Online Domain)
  • Until the next time, we hope that we see this as captivating as we seed.
  • Google launched .dev domains specifically for developers and technology in 2019. (Source: OnlineDomain)×546-12mar14-en.png×440-12jul12-en.png

Generic TLD Statistics


  • In the year 2023, the .xyz domain is the most popular Generic TLD with a registered domain of 13.09% resulting in 4,118,855 domains.
  • According to NTLD statistics, other generic TLDs are followed by .online (8.61%), .top (7.36%), .shop (5.95%), and .site (4.66%).

TLDs Statistics and Facts

  • We'll be looking at domain statistics in general and some interesting facts about their historical past to get you started.
  • In the year 1982, the registration of the domain, first one took place. 15,000 domains were already registered by 1992. (GCN)
  • In total, there were 205.3 million domains registered at the end of 2010. (GCN)
  • The brand names made up the majority of the 100 domains that were registered within the first 100 days. (Domain Holdings)
  • There are 1,500 generic domain names available but only 21 represent the vast majority. (
  • The world currently has registrations of domain names of around 367.3 million. (VeriSign)
  • In Q2 2023, there were more than 200 million domains.
  • (VeriSign)
  • The next most common domain extension is .tk. 24.7 Million domains have been registered. (VeriSign)
  • China holds a 33.80% share of the world's most registered domains with 8.8 million domains. (Hosting Tribunal)
  • The US holds a 14.04% share of the global domain registrations with only 3.6 million domains.(Hosting Tribunal)
  • In domain registrations, Q2 2020 saw a decline of 2.8 million (or 0.7%) between Q2 20 20-Q2, and 2021. (VeriSign)

Domain Values and Costs Statistics

  • Are you ready to learn how many domains can be sold right now and what they cost? Here are some domain numbers that will WOW you:
  • Domain names weren't available for purchase until 1995. (Domain Holdings)
  • A domain name is typically $14.99/year. (WPBeginner)
  • Only a small number of domain registrars including Bluehost offer domain names at no cost with their hosting plans. (Bluehost)
  • com was the record-breaking public domain sale, selling for $345M to RH.Donnelley in 2007. (Forbes)
  • com was acquired in 2015 at $872 million. The transaction wasn't made public. (SEC Filing)
  • com was acquired for $18 million in 2009 It was placed back on the market in 2009 with a starting bid of $35 million. ( GoDaddy & Business Wire).
  • Bought by Elon Musk's domain name in the year 2016 for $11,000,000 (Yahoo)
  • In 2015 was incorrectly sold for $12 Google offered to pay twice as much to get it back but found out that the owner was giving the money to charity. (CNN)
  • MIT researchers calculate that the domain market is worth $ 8 billion. (Forbes)
  • Some domain flippers are able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with one domain. Most average between $100-$1000 profit and occasionally make a loss. (GoDaddy)
  • Surprised at some of these statistics? The worst stat we were surprised by was that domain names had been free until 1995. For domain names worth millions, you only had to call a telephone number to register them.
  • Some web hosts offer domain name registration at no cost when you sign up for a hosting account. Bluehost wins our recommendation. They are the best hosting service and domain registrar around.


As of today after completing the article on TLD statistics it can be stated that this is one of the most preferred segments of a domain name. TLDs allow for the recognition of many specific elements of different websites. Those are basically managed by the domain name system of the internet which controls how domain names are translated into IP addresses. A top-level domain specially identifies the type of business even while differentiating their business competitors. Hope all the above-explained statistics will help in understanding the current trends of TDL basic understanding.

  • Statistics
  • FAQ.

    Tell the new nameof gTLD Program?

    The new GTLLD program is an inventiveness to allow the introduction (both ASCII, and IDN) of new gTLDs into the domain area.

    The reason new top-level domains being introduced in the United States?

    One of ICANN’s major commitments to the industry is to foster competition in the market for domain names while ensuring stability and security on the Internet. New generic Top Level Domains are a way to meet that goal. Soon, any business, government, or community around the globe can apply to establish a Top Level Domain registry.

    What will new gTLDs mean for the Internet's operation?

    The Internet's functionality will not be affected by this increase in gTLDs. However, it could impact how people access information online or how businesses plan their online presence.

    More expectaions on TLDs to be coming up more in number

    There are no guarantees as to the exact number and quality of applications ICANN is likely to receive. Market speculations can vary greatly. The process of evaluating applications is designed to economically accommodate a wide range.

    Is applying for new gTLDs the same as buying domain names?

    No. Today, individuals and organizations around the globe can register second-level domain names. A URL such would show "google," which is a second domain, and "maps," which is a three-level domain. They only need to find an accredited registration agent, adhere to the terms of the registrant and pay renewal and registration fees. A complex process is required to apply for a new general TLD. A person applying for a new global domain name (gTLD), is actually applying to start and operate a registry service that supports the Internet’s domain name system. This entails a range of important responsibilities. The operator of a gTLD will be responsible for maintaining visible Internet infrastructure.

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