Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks In The World

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Updated · Dec 03, 2023

Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks In The World

Most Expensive Backpacks: Backpacks are bags designed specifically for wear on the back, typically featuring two straps that cross over each shoulder and secure items carried such as books, computers, clothing or personal belongings.

Backpacks have become indispensable items of everyday life due to their multipurpose nature; commonly being carried by students, hikers, tourists and anybody needing to carry various objects simultaneously while keeping hands free – popular among students, hikers and tourists as well.

Backpacks come in various shapes, sizes and fabrics while being enhanced with straps, pockets or features making them essential items in modern living environments.

History of Backpacks

Backpacks have a long and distinguished history dating back to humans first using bags made out of textiles or animal skins to carry items around. But modern backpacks were first seen appearing during the early 20th century.

Hunters, trappers, and outdoor enthusiasts in the late 19th century often relied upon backpacks made of leather or canvas to carry goods over long distances. Military services began using backpacks during World War I as an effective means of transporting equipment and supplies on the move.

Gerry Outdoors introduced commercially available backpacks for purchase by soldiers during this conflict; their nylon pack cloth bag construction, combined with lightweight aluminium tubing made carrying lighter and more pleasant. This design proved far superior to earlier leather or canvas variants of this kind of backpack design.

As backpacking became an increasingly popular leisure activity in the 1960s, its design also underwent further innovations. Manufacturers such as Kelty and JanSport began adding internal frames to backpacks, making them significantly lighter and more comfortable to carry around. Backpacks included various pockets and compartments to make storing equipment easier for hikers, while their popularity rose as fashion items in the 1970s – particularly among students.

Smaller and lighter backpacks designed specifically for daily usage were therefore introduced. These backpacks frequently featured different colours and designs made of nylon or other synthetic materials, proving particularly convenient. Today’s backpacks are ubiquitous and come in various designs, sizes, and materials – often used for commuter use as well as touring trips as well as hiking and camping excursions.

While much has changed since their initial conception decades ago, backpacks remain an indispensable piece of gear that frees up hands for carrying items efficiently.

Types Of Backpacks

  • Daypacks
  • Travel backpacks
  • School backpacks
  • Hiking backpacks
  • Tactical backpacks
  • Fashion backpacks
  • Backpacking backpacks

Purpose Of Backpacks

  • Backpacks are designed to make carrying things more practical and straightforward. In comparison to other backpack types, backpacks feature shoulder straps with padding for comfort while evenly dispersing weight across your body, increasing mobility. Furthermore, their hands-free construction frees up hands for tasks such as holding maps or phones or transporting water bottles.
  • Backpacks come equipped with multiple pockets and compartments that make it possible to organize stuff effectively, prevent items from getting misplaced, and make finding what you need instantly easier. Many also include specific compartments for specific objects like water bottles, computers, or tablets.
  • Backpacks are designed to protect items while they’re being transported. Their material helps safeguard against scratches or other forms of damage while the cushioned shoulder straps cushion any impacts or shocks to protect goods inside them from falling onto hard surfaces.
  • Backpacks are versatile and multipurpose accessories that can be utilized for various activities, including sports, outdoor adventures, travel, and many others. Their different sizes, forms and designs enable customization based on intended usage.
  • Backpacks can help prevent back strain and other posture-related problems caused by carrying heavy items in other bags, while their reflective fabric or built-in lights enhance visibility and safety when riding or walking at night.
  • Backpacks can help protect the environment by decreasing the demand for plastic bags and other forms of packaging. Furthermore, many backpacks are manufactured using recyclable or sustainable materials, making them an eco-friendly solution.
  • Packs are essential gear when it comes to outdoor pursuits like hiking, camping and backpacking – giving you the freedom to climb hills or use trekking poles while carrying all of the supplies and equipment you need for an extended outdoor expedition.
  • Many athletes use backpacks to transport their gear between workouts and games, often featuring sections dedicated to equipment like cleats, helmets, and pads.
  • Backpacks have long been used as fashion accessories. Today, many individuals also utilize them to express their individuality and accessorize their outfits.

Its Significance

  • Backpacks have quickly become one of the most fashionable fashion accessories due to the wide array of forms and patterns they come in, which cater to every taste and situation. Many people use backpacks as a statement piece that demonstrates their individual sense of style.
  • Since students frequently rely on backpacks to transport textbooks, computers, and other necessities, backpacks have come to symbolize education and study. Here they represent both its value and our pursuit of knowledge.
  • Hiking, camping and backpacking are among the many outdoor pursuits associated with backpacks. In such settings, they symbolize outdoor freedom and the spirit of adventure.
  • Who could benefit from having a backpack? Anyone who needs to carry things without using both hands could gain great convenience from having one. This includes those in busy or urban settings as well as commuters, tourists, and travellers – backpacks can provide mobility and independence when travelling.
  • Backpacks can serve as an icon of membership and community due to their widespread usage among particular groups or subcultures, and feature patches or insignia from certain companies, bands, or sports teams; such as patches could signify engagement in that community.
  • The types and designs of backpacks are becoming more and more diversified, while people’s demand for personalized fashion is also increasing. Many people do not pursue brands, but want their backpacks to be unique. If you are also a personalized fashion lover and also a backpack enthusiast, you can consider Custom Backpacks! It’s cool to add labels and personal tags based on your own creativity. Also customized products have some artistic value, and if you are also a socialite or work in marketing, customized backpacks can be a starting point for your business.
  • Patches are a great accessory to a backpack and can be a great addition to a logo. At GSJJ, patches can be customized online. Fashion-conscious individuals and label-conscious collectives can add their own personalized creativity to design a distinctive patch pattern according to their backpack style, and it is available in a choice of materials, PVC Patches or embroidered patches, and so on.

The Popularity Of Backpacks

  • Backpacks are versatile tools designed to make carrying various objects simple and hands-free and are popular both for regular usage as well as outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping. Their many compartments, pockets and straps make transport easy – which in turn makes the backpack popular with users.
  • Backpacks have become more comfortable to carry for extended periods thanks to innovations such as cushioned shoulder straps, permeable back panels and adjustable hip belts – especially among those who carry large weights regularly. Their popularity has been enhanced thanks to this comfort factor.
  • As backpacks come in an assortment of designs, colours and materials, they have quickly become one of the most beloved articles of clothing. Commonly seen everywhere from offices to gyms to beaches they allow wearers to express their individuality with style.
  • Backpacks are ideal bags for those who must carry items while moving about, including commuters, students and travellers, because of their portability. Backpacks provide access to essentials without having to stop for removal or put down their bag – this makes backpacks popular choices among busy individuals who always seem to be on the move.
  • Nylon, canvas and leather are often utilized to craft backpacks due to their durability and ability to withstand our everyday activities. As such, these products have become trusted companions on our journeys.

Why Backpacks Are Expensive?

  • High-quality backpacks are typically constructed using resilient and high-performing materials that can withstand wear and tear over time, including high-density nylon, waterproof textiles and robust zippers. Unfortunately, such high-grade materials often add an additional cost to developing quality packs; the more quality materials that need to be developed may increase their price point.
  • Manufacturing backpacks with more complex features and designs, like specialized compartments, adjustable straps and reinforced back panels may drive up their price. Additional amenities such as integrated charging outlets or built-in hydration systems could also increase costs significantly.
  • Price can also depend on production expenses; for instance, higher labour expenses in countries like the U.S. or Canada will result in higher production costs that ultimately reflect in its pricing.
  • Manufacturers of backpacks frequently devote both time and money to research and development in order to produce cutting-edge designs and features, investing time and resources in testing materials, creating new technologies, or researching novel building methods – with the cost included within the price of each backpack sold.
  • Customizable backpack options typically involve adding features, colours and materials that meet specific specifications. Customization typically increases costs because more work and resources must be invested to make these customized models. As a result, customized packs may cost more than conventional designs due to the additional time and materials spent creating them.
  • Since some backpacks are only produced in limited numbers, it may be more difficult and expensive to locate one. As limited manufacturing costs may increase because of strong consumer demand.
  • As these speciality backpacks require specific materials and special features that may set them apart, their price can vary significantly. Climbing backpacks might need extra support and strong materials – both factors which could increase costs.
  • As previously stated, a backpack’s price may depend heavily on its brand and reputation. Well-known and established brands tend to charge more for their goods due to their perceived worth and thus can often command premium pricing for them.
  • Backpacks made by hand or by artisans often cost more due to the time and work involved in creating them, while often boasting unique designs or premium materials.
  • Due to increased expenses associated with ethical and sustainable backpack production methods such as using eco-friendly materials or providing employees with fair wages, such backpacks may cost more.

Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks In The World

  • Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Matt – Worth $81,000
  • Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher – Worth $22,432
  • Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Monogram – Worth $17,600
  • Hermes Flash Sailor – Worth $9,150
  • Berluti Horizon Mini Alligator – Worth $9,000
  • Chanel Shearling Lambskin – Worth $6,500
  • Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Taurllion – Worth $5,050
  • Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato – Worth $5,000
  • Chanel Calfskin and Silver Tone Metal – Worth $4,500
  • Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Monogram – Worth $4,350

#1. Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Matt – (Worth $81,000)

Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Matt - (Worth $81,000) - Most Expensive Backpacks In The World

The Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Crocodile Mat rucksack is the epitome of luxury with a staggering price tag of $81,100.

Crafted from one of the most expensive animal skins in the world, crocodile skin, this bag is hand-stitched with meticulous care, much like other Louis Vuitton bags and luggage. However, due to its limited-edition release for the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection, it’s no longer available on the Louis Vuitton website or in most stores.

You may be fortunate to find a used 2016 Christopher PM Crocodile Mat bag but considering its rarity, exclusivity, and brand value, it’s an expensive purchase. Only a few of these unique backpacks were produced by Louis Vuitton artisans, making them a covetable and rare find.

#2. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher – (Worth $22,432)

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher - (Worth $22,432) - second Most Expensive Backpacks In The World

Supreme is a brand renowned for its opulent products, not unlike Louis Vuitton. In a collaboration that set the stage for one of the world’s most expensive backpacks, the two brands worked together to design a unique bag.

The backpack boasts the Supreme logo on its outer front, while the internal label identifies it as a Louis Vuitton product. The bag’s interior is spacious and it also features two side pockets, making it a practical choice. Priced similarly to a small car, this backpack was created for the wealthiest customers worldwide due to its partnership between two premium luxury businesses.

Its premium leather composition is another reason for its high cost, as this material is not cheap. The final reason is its rarity, adding to its exclusivity. In the same way as Supreme, Louis Vuitton refrains from recycling its designs and product lines. This approach results in a limited quantity of their bags, raising their worth in the market.

Despite their exorbitant cost, loyal customers are eager to pay top dollar for these exclusive items. The bags’ rarity and high demand further drive up their already considerable price. However, these bags are not the most expensive ones available.

#3. Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Monogram – (Worth $17,600)

Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Monogram - (Worth $17,600) - 3rd Most Expensive Backpacks In The World

As we’ve already noted, Louis Vuitton’s Christopher collection boasts some of the costliest backpacks. One such bundle – Christopher PM Monogram – costs the most money.

This brown and black backpack features fine leather shoulder straps, cowhide leather flaps, and a canvas body emblazoned with a Louis Vuitton monogram pattern – instantly making this Louis Vuitton bag instantly identifiable!

Due to its monogram pattern being instantly identifiable as well as the premium construction and the relative scarcity of this Louis Vuitton bag; its price becomes increasingly expensive as its monogram further adds prestige value; items carrying this emblem frequently serve as status symbols.

#4. Hermes Flash Sailor – (Worth $9,150)

Hermes Flash Sailor - (Worth $9,150)

Hermès, the French luxury brand known for its premium handbags, also offers some of the world’s priciest backpacks.

The Flash Sailor Backpack, made of soft calfskin, is the most expensive of these backpacks. With a sleek, minimalist design and a leather thong drawstring, this backpack is not only trendy but also a wise long-term investment. Its supple texture grows softer and shinier with use, making it a valuable purchase that appreciates over time.

Although small enough to qualify as a carry-on for most airlines, it comes with a hefty price tag of over $9,000, primarily due to Hermès’ brand reputation and pricing policies. Should you plan on visiting a luxury tourist destination, the Flash Sailor Backpack is an accessory worth considering.

The expense of this particular bag is attributed to its use of high-quality calfskin leather. The material is renowned for its durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal that complements any style or ensemble.

#5. Berluti Horizon Mini Alligator – (Worth $9,000)

Berluti Horizon Mini Alligator - (Worth $9,000)

Berluti, a supplier of premium leather products; is one of the most historic brands still in operation. Although it may not possess the same level of renown as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, it is renowned for crafting some of the most stunning and enduring leather backpacks available.

The Horizon Mini Alligator Leather Backpack is the most luxurious and pricey option. It boasts genuine alligator skin, while the bulk of the backpack’s body is crafted from expertly handmade Vitello Fiore leather. The alligator skin flap features a discreet magnetic tab to keep the contents secure, alongside the drawstring closure.

However; be prepared to shell out a staggering $9,000 to add this backpack to your collection. As expected, any product fashioned from alligator skin is bound to come with a hefty price tag.

#6. Chanel Shearling Lambskin – (Worth $6,500)

Chanel Shearling Lambskin - (Worth $6,500)

One of the exquisite lambskin Chanel bags offers a sophisticated alternative to the usual calfskin backpacks. Its lightweight design is complemented by a plush texture, with a diamond-stitched exterior and gold-toned metal detailing that adds a touch of contrast.

The satin interior ensures your belongings are kept safe and secure. Although it may seem petite, it has ample space to accommodate all your accessories, including your phone, wallet, tablet, power bank, cosmetics, and more.

It is important to note that without proper care, this high-quality bag may develop scratches and stains on its exterior. To avoid disappointment after investing $6,500, it is crucial to maintain it well.

When it comes to carrying this bag, safeguarding it should be your top priority. It’s understandable if you only take it out on occasion to ensure its protection.

#7. Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Taurllion – (Worth $5,050)

Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Taurllion - (Worth $5,050)

White, grey and black are classic neutral hues that go perfectly with any ensemble. This Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack, which is made of Taurillon suede and has a matching black clasp and leather belts, is a great illustration – it makes an excellent example!

This bag is similar to previous LV Christopher Backpacks in terms of design. What sets this model apart is its delicate monogrammed Taurillon leather, featuring an embossed Louis Vuitton emblem on its rare Taurillon cowhide leather used to craft it.

At approximately several dollars this handmade bag ranks among the more costly alternatives due to its premium materials and logo.

#8. Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato – (Worth $5,000)

Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato - (Worth $5,000)

This lavish men’s rucksack, the Bottega Veneta Classic Intrecciato, is a testament to superior craftsmanship. Made in Italy, the bag is adorned with opulent calfskin leather and features a suede interior that exudes sophistication.

An uncommon feature in bags of its calibre, the pack also includes a detachable front pocket. Although it comes with a hefty $5,000 price tag (excluding taxes and shipping fees), it is important to note that this imported designer bag is made of faultless calfskin materials, making it more expensive than local backpacks.

#9. Chanel Calfskin and Silver Tone Metal – (Worth $4,500)

Chanel Calfskin and Silver Tone Metal - (Worth $4,500)

The Chanel handbag boasts a distinctive ribbed texture and is meticulously crafted from calfskin panels expertly stitched together. Meanwhile, an Italian-made backpack features a waterproof coating to safeguard possessions from the elements. Drawstrings hidden beneath the flap offer additional security.

The hallmark interlocking Cs of the Chanel brand secure the flap of this luxurious bag, an elegant accessory that transitions seamlessly from the office to evening events.

The spacious interior easily accommodates all of your essentials, while the striking design and $4,500 price tag make it perfect for both professional and leisure settings, including a day out on one of the world’s most opulent yachts. Just be sure to hold tight to this treasure and not toss it overboard.

#10. Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Monogram – (Worth $4,350)

Louis Vuitton Christopher MM Monogram - (Worth $4,350)

Louis Vuitton’s Christopher Backpack; a highly coveted item, has captured the attention of affluent customers due to its capacious interior and convenient side pockets.

The backpack was initially part of the Fall/Winter 2004/2005 Collection and has undergone several distinct iterations since then, including the Christopher MM Monogram, which is among the priciest.

One of the few Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpacks that incorporate reflective canvas with a monogram; the Christopher MM Monogram boasts a unique; contemporary mirror-like surface that will appeal to trendsetters.

As a premium Louis Vuitton product; the backpack carries a hefty price tag and is a rare but highly sought-after item. Of particular note is the fabric made of mirrors that adds a special touch.

Bottom Line

Backpacks have become essential items across age and socioeconomic groups, from schoolchildren and hikers to tourists and travellers. Their handy design enables users to carry items hand-free while maintaining convenience for transporting luggage around.

Due to their rising popularity, backpacks now come in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities to meet diverse requirements and tastes. While backpack costs may differ based on the quality of materials used, brand recognition, customisation needs, production expenses and other considerations, their overall costs often depend on factors like material grade and brand recognition.

Before purchasing a backpack, it is crucial to take into account its intended use and necessary characteristics before making a decision. Backpacks have long been considered practical accessories that possess significant cultural and historical value; their continued relevance will surely ensure they continue to be part of everyday life for years.


What common issues are associated with backpacks?

Incorrect use can result in bad posture. Furthermore, narrow or tight strapped backpacks with narrow straps that dig into shoulders may contribute to arm and hand weakness due to compression of nerve endings in these parts.

Which features of a backpack make it sophisticated?

The design of the padding, shoulder straps and back of a backpack plays an integral part in user comfort; especially those featuring soft back panels with cushioned shoulder straps and optional hip belts that evenly disperse weight across your body.

Why is having a robust backpack so essential?

Your belongings in your hand can become targets of theft; however, robust backpacks provide protection from this happening.

Will My Backpack Last Four Years or Longer?

An adequate school bag should withstand four years of school, as well as weekend excursions and journeys home, with ease.

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