App Employs Context for Big Data Analytics Efficiency

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Sep 18, 2012

OpTier, a New York City-based business transaction management specialist, announced new software that promises to deliver real-time, Big Data analytics with huge savings in both time and cost. According to the company, its new OpTier Big Data Analytics product can track and analyze billions of transactions a day and save companies up to 90 percent in time and costs spent on business analytics.

These savings are enabled by in-context data collection. OpTier CEO Mark Thompson explains in a company statement, “The alternatives to contextual data are complex, slow, and expensive because they have to infer or guess at the relationships and interdependencies — the who, what, where, information associated with a transaction.”

No such judgment calls on OpTier's platform. Thompson says, “If you are already capturing business data in context, as OpTier does, you can literally eliminate the guesswork and quickly take advantage of your Big Data.”

At the center of these massive gains in efficiency is the company's low-overhead Active Context Tracking technology (ACT). As its name implies, ACT tracks end-user interactions through the data center or cloud and sorts them in accordance to the business activity that prompted them.

The company explains that ACT “stores each transaction in the context of the business activity such as make payment, search, or purchase, how well it performed, who initiated it, where the user was located, and more.”

OpTier Big Data Analytics relies on Cassandra, a NoSQL database, for its data repository. The solution also supports third-party data integration, allowing for freeform analytics and custom visualizations and reporting.

The product joins an increasingly crowded marketplace. It faces a sprawling — and growing — Big Data business analytics portfolio from IBM. Even EMC is getting into the Big Data-fueled business intelligence game by partnering with SAS.

It's a competitive landscape, but OpTier's platform should give organizations a leg up on Big Data analytics projects, says Shawn Rogers, vice president of Research at Enterprise Management Associates.

“OpTier's new Big Data Analytics offering addresses the challenges of handling this high volume data by organizing it contextually and quickly making it available to key stakeholders. OpTier's focus on fast, accurate, quality information is fueling the analytic demands of its clients.”

OpTier Big Data Analytics is available now.

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