How To Cool Down An Overheated Laptop?

Shivanjali Pawar

Updated · Apr 11, 2024

How To Cool Down An Overheated Laptop?

A quick and easy guide to cooling down an overheating laptop!

How To Cool Down An Overheated Laptop? Excessive use can cause laptops to heat up. Due to rapid technological advancement, the dimensions of laptop components have been reduced. The space between the parts is shrinking with each new generation of laptops. The laptop’s internal components, such as the hard drive, microprocessor, and motherboard, can be found closer to one another. The laptop can heat up when you use it frequently.

However, overheating a laptop could cause severe damage to the device and data. The airflow vents on the laptop help maintain a steady temperature. The airflow can be restricted by tight spaces and close quarters, leading to high temperatures. But there are ways to cool down overheated laptops. In this article, you will find the most important steps and tips to lower your laptop’s temperature.

What is the usual level of overheating in laptops?

A laptop is an electric gadget that generates heat while it is used. Though overheating isn’t harmful to your data or device in some conditions. The following are some cases where overheating of laptops is not a problem:

  • Extensive use of graphic-intensive applications and reality gaming
  • Upon setting up the first time.
  • Streaming HD (high-quality) videos for too long.

These are normal conditions, so you shouldn’t be concerned if your device does not display a temperature warning. Your laptop will return to normal temperature when you stop all these activities.

Top 5 Methods to Cool Down an Overheated Laptop

You should cool down your laptop if it is constantly heating up, even when not being used. A little delay in cooling down the temperature can damage or even destroy your gadget. You can avoid any potential setbacks by following these 5 essential steps to cool down an overheated laptop.

Method 1: Do not place your laptop on a pillow or cushion.

Overheating can be dangerous for your Laptop’s safety. You can protect your valuable device by not placing it on a pillow or cushion. It can block the normal airflow of the vents and raise the temperature. If the Laptop’s rear vent is blocked, hot air will remain in your device. This can cause excessive heat. Instead, you can place your laptop on a wooden bench or a table.

Method 2: Clean your laptop’s air vents.

Dust can build up inside your laptop. It can cause problems for airflow vents. If you don’t clean the vents, they may cease operating properly, causing the laptop to overheat. It is essential to clean the air vents regularly to keep them in good working condition. You can do this with a small electric cleaner.

Method 3: At night, turn off the laptop.

A laptop’s agility can be harmed by leaving it on all the time. The laptop has an intricate system that can cause irreversible damage if you don’t take care. Make sure you turn off your laptop before putting it in a bag or carrying it in a suitcase. As a result, the battery life will be extended, and the laptop will not overheat.

Method 4: When the laptop is not in use, turn it off.

Keeping your laptop on all night might cause it to overheat and lose its effectiveness. It is best to use your laptop for a specific task or job. The laptop can be turned off when it’s not being used. You shouldn’t keep it on 24/7. For infrequent usage, you can use the standby option. It will protect your laptop from harm and reduce heat.

Method 5: Do not place anything on your laptop’s keyboard.

The constant airflow keeps the temperature consistent while you’re using your laptop. However, putting a dust shield on the keyboard will block heat discharge. Also, it can drain the laptop’s battery, which is not a good idea. You should not use a dust protector or other items that could block normal airflow to your laptop.


Laptop overheating is a typical occurrence. There’s no need to be concerned. However, you must take some precautions to safeguard your device. Turn your laptop off at night, clean the vents, avoid placing anything on the keyboard, put your laptop on standby mode, and avoid placing the laptop on a pillow or cushion.

The normal functioning of the vents will keep the temperature consistent, and you won’t have to worry about an overheating laptop. Your laptop will not overheat if you follow the methods mentioned above.

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