24/7 Media, eStara to Voice Enable E-mails

Ryan Naraine

Updated · Jul 17, 2001

Looking to spruce up its rich media offerings, Silicon Alley advertising and marketing technology firm 24/7 Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:INTM) is partnering with eStara to insert voice links into e-mail campaigns.

Using technology from Reston, Va.-based eStara, 24/7 Media said clients could insert live Web voice links to drive inbound calls from e-mail campaigns. To push real-time one-to-one marketing, voice links embedded in e-mails let users connect directly to a marketer without having to dial a telephone number.

“The eStara deal complements 24/7Media’s select messaging services, which allow publishers, marketers and online retailers to offer their subscribers customized e-mail based content,” the company said in a statement.

24/7 Media, which is struggling to cope with the crippling ad market slowdown, believes the eStara deal would add a nice wrinkle to its B2B offerings.

The company said the tools would generate “immediate, cost-effective contact” between marketers and end users would improve e-mail click-through rates.

eStara builds CRM technology that lets online customers talk directly with call center agents over the Internet with the click of a link. The voice connections can be embedded in web site pages, e-mails and ad banners and eStara said it’s completely compatible with existing call center systems

eStara customers include J.Crew, Allfirst Bank and the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

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