Adding Animated Agents

Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Dec 06, 2001

Adding Animated AgentsStandard customer relationship management takes an animated leap with interactive characters from Headpedal. The software development company delivers a product line of “agents” — quick deploying self-contained character interface solutions for Web-based customer service applications.

The virtual agents are designed for software vendors and large enterprises and use patented real-time, dynamic generation of speech, gestures, expressions and events. The robust user interface provides for easier Web and mobile application navigation and allows for options other than traditional keyboard and mouse surfing, such as mouse only, and speech recognition.

The interactive characters bring animated intelligence to the customer experience and provide various capabilities:
Sales Agent — customers interact and shop with a virtual sales representative.
FAQ Agent — guides customers to the most commonly asked questions.
Demo Agent — verbally explains your product or service.
Web MC Agent — this “Master of Ceremonies” agent helps first-time users to navigate your site and recommends the areas that are of interest to the customer.
Billing Agent — assists customers in understanding their complex online bills by providing typical answers usually handled by expensive call center personnel.

Technology from Headpedal provides the “face” for face-to-face customer relationships while reducing support costs and improving satisfaction.

Reprinted from ECommerce Guide.

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