Aggregate Unveils Audience Management and Discovery Platform

Mark J

Updated · Jul 20, 2010

Aggregate Knowledge has recently announced its AK Discovery Platform, which according to the company, provides the foundational audience management infrastructure to collect data, configure audiences, and track campaigns across any connected digital channel. The platform is described as having the capability to ‘ingest and normalize' both first- and third-party data, website data, conversions, ad serving, and click data, in any format, via any transfer protocol, from any data source.

“The platform effectively shifts the currently laborious IT/engineering integration work from the plate of the media buying and planning community to an automated platform, empowering the community to focus entirely on their core competencies – strategy and media.

“The AK Discovery Platform is the first platform of its kind that combines analytics and insights, dynamic and multi-matrix ad serving, attribute-level audience and data management, tracking and verification, and real-time decisioning into a single, transparent automated framework.”

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