Ask Jeeves, Compaq Renew Contract

Michael Singer

Updated · May 08, 2001

Online search engine Ask Jeeves (Nasdaq: ASKJ Monday says it is renewing its year-to-year contract with Compaq Computer (NYSE: CPQ) to continue its 3-year relationship with the computer maker as its online customer support.

The support comes from Ask Jeeves Business Solutions, the corporate portal division of the Emeryville-based company. Corporations, such as Dell, Nike, and Compaq use Jeeve’s Insight, Ask’s data mining and algorithms, to better answer customer questions.

"What we do is help them understand what questions customers are asking and how they are phrasing the questions and finding out if the company has the content on their site to answer those questions," says Michele Mehl, Sr. Manager, Communications Strategy and Development at Ask Jeeves.

Since 1998, Compaq has used Ask Jeeves’ question answering service for customer support and later expanded its use by using it to respond to customer queries on its Web site.

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Michael Singer
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