Bluedot Thinks In Threes

Michael Singer

Updated · Jan 12, 2002

Online conference management provider Bluedot Software says three is the magic number for its next generation eConference management software.

The San Francisco-based company Thursday released its new flagship product, Bluedot 3, which is being toted as a valuable tool for sales and marketing professionals.

The new Bluedot 3 eConference Management solution uses its Web services to mesh event marketing with CRM systems, allowing for a complete picture of prospect and customer interactions with events.

Acknowledging the growing importance of Web conferencing in event strategies, Bluedot says mixing its products with Web conferencing technologies transforms each Web event into a valuable CRM touchpoint. In addition to enhancements made to its event management capabilities, Bluedot 3 features Bluedot Strategic eConference Manager, a powerful analytical dashboard, dynamic enterprise event calendar, and reporting tool – all accessible through the Bluedot eConference Portal, a primary gateway portal.

“Historically, technology has not served event marketing and selling very well. An objective of mine as the new CEO at Bluedot is to change that, and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” says Bluedot CEO John Bantleman. “Bluedot 3 gives sales and marketing professionals access to the strategic event and customer intelligence they need to make informed decisions and maximize the results of business events. And by integrating with CRM and Web conferencing technologies, they can operate on a unified platform.”

In addition to the portal, the platform also features Bluedot Operational eConference Manager, which provides event planning, design and development tools and Bluedot eConference Connection, which uses enterprise sales and marketing applications you probably already have and integrating them with event marketing. It uses advanced technologies to integrate with Web conferencing and CRM systems, creating a consolidated event-marketing platform.

“One of our core beliefs at Bluedot is in serving our customers — for today and for the future,” says Bantleman. “So we met with our customers and industry leaders, and listened to the challenges facing sales and marketing professionals who rely on business events to drive top line growth. Then we set to work and built them a complete solution. Based on our early discussions with the marketplace, we’ve hit the target with Bluedot 3.”

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