Bluewolf, Bunchball Partner to Help Businesses Become Social Enterprises

Ann All

Updated · Apr 04, 2012

Business consulting firm Bluewolf has partnered with gamification specialist Bunchball on a new offering, called #GoingSocial that the two companies say will help employees of Fortune 500 organizations learn how to use social media tools to collaborate better, connect with customers and gain competitive advantage.

“Social networking has shown us the amazing power people now have in building reputation, making connections and interacting with one another,” said Eric Berridge, CEO and founder of Bluewolf. “With Bunchball as part of our new #GoingSocial service offering, we will be the first to demonstrate how organizations can make social media work for them by incentivizing collaboration and knowledge sharing over the social Web.”

Bluewolf’s #GoingSocial incorporates Bunchball’s Nitro for Salesforce gamification solution, which allows companies to present missions, milestones, goals, progress bars and rewards to teach employees to use social media tools like Chatter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Employees complete missions like creating and updating their social profiles, using Chatter, engaging in training and sharing and collaborating with peers. Nitro for Salesforce integrates Bunchball’s Nitro gamification platform directly into

“The promise of the social enterprise is huge and the technology is now in place to enable it; but that promise will only be realized if employees use the technology. By integrating Nitro for Salesforce into the #GoingSocial offering, Bluewolf’s customers will be able to use gamification to help employees learn and master social tools for better collaboration and improved customer relationships,” said Steve Patrizi, Bunchball’s chief revenue officer.

Prior to launching #GoingSocial as a new service offering to its customers, Bluewolf began using it internally. By combining Bunchball with Salesforce Chatter, Radian6, and, Bluewolf aims to create a collaborative environment involving colleagues, customers, prospects and partners across multiple offices. Among the results it has experienced: increased website traffic from social sources, growth in Chatter activity and engagement and improved Klout scores.

“By deploying Bunchball within our own organization, we’re demonstrating unprecedented transparency for consultancies and services firms, and by so doing, making all of our employees a Bluewolf brand ambassador,” Berridge said.

Bluewolf’s #GoingSocial offering includes a blueprint assessment to gauge how social employees are and identify obstacles to becoming social; a complete analysis of the technology landscape and implementation of customized tools; and a change management/monitoring program to ensure full engagement.

Bunchball last week announced a partnership with Jive Software, which is using Bunchball in the Jive Social Intranet Solution, a product designed to transform company intranets into social platforms.

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