Call Center Management and Metrics

Mark J

Updated · Nov 15, 2010

Performance metrics can be used to manage the call center, drive sales, improve efficiencies and increase overall customer satisfaction. As noted in this TMCnet report, a sampling of common measurements include: first call resolution (FCR); customer satisfaction (CSat); agent utilization rate (AUR) or Occupancy (OCC); cost per contact (CoC); average speed answer (ASA); and abandonment rate (ABN).

“Call center monitoring and management requires several tracking features to be effective. Workforce management systems have historically gone only as far as tracking schedule adherence, but there is still need for additional metrics to obtain the goals SMB's and enterprise corporations strive for. Monet Software's innovative WFM software allows managers to track multiple metrics and use them to further the goals of the organization. Establishing goals for a specific business and call center operations is the first step in determining which stats and metrics a company needs to follow. Implementing a solution to track these is the next step.”

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