Call Center Package for Property Management

Mark J

Updated · Apr 30, 2010

Call center solution provider, AnswerFirst Communications, has announced a new service package tailored to provide property management companies with more affordable answering services. As note din the AnswerFirst news release, the Property Management Basic Answering Service Package is configured to reduce operator talk time by only forwarding emergency calls to the call center while directing all routine calls to an in-house voice mail solution.

“Jim Smith, Sales Manager at AnswerFirst stated, ‘With the current state of the economy we are always looking for ways to offer our clients more affordable services. We have a large property management client base so we decided to focus on developing more cost effective solutions to benefit these accounts. Our property management clients have traditionally sent all of their calls, both routine and emergency, through our call center. Since we only bill our clients when we answer their calls, any reduction in call volume will reduce these clients' bills by reducing operator talk time.'”

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