Customer Experience Megatrends

Mark J

Updated · Jun 02, 2010

A recent Temkin Group report identified key trends that can reshape customer experience management practices.
According to this story on Insurance Networking, one of the eight trends is that companies will increasingly recognize that they need to integrate a deeper understanding of their customers throughout their company.

“Deep feelings that customers have about a company often get truncated into a five-point, seven-point or even 11-point multiple choice scales; making it difficult to understand “why” things are happening. New text analytics applications can quickly process thousands of pieces of unstructured data and discern what's making customers happy or what's making them upset; pushing a dramatic rise in companies analyzing rich unstructured data like comments on surveys, call center verbatims, or social media discussions.

“As companies do touch point analyses and customer journey maps, they often find that customer service is a key “moment of truth” for customers. Unfortunately, the cost-cutting in this area over the last several years has created many poor experiences. Companies are recognizing that poor customer service is creating a very negative perception of their brand, and will increasingly make investments to improve these experiences.”

Read the Full Story at Insurance Networking

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