Datatech SmartSoft Launches AccuMail Verify for Call Centers Staff

Updated · Mar 23, 2010

Datatech SmartSoft has introduced the real-time address validation solution AccuMail Verify.

"Based on its award-winning AccuMail address correction engine, AccuMail Verify utilizes powerful address targeting technology that allows the user to drill down through possible address options as an address is entered," writes TMCnet's Anuradha Shukla. "As a result companies can quickly validate postal addresses during data entry because the user arrives at the complete, validated address in as few as 9 to 14 keystrokes."

"Companies can easily integrate AccuMail into native applications, and it works seamlessly within CRM applications, call center software, shipping and fulfillment systems, office applications and more," Shukla writes. "AccuMail Verify can also create an ‘address quality firewall' for any organization that captures customer address data. The newly released solution is CASS Certified for accuracy by the Postal Service, and thus each address is checked for accuracy against the USPS national address database."

"AccuMail Verify is a powerful tool for any company that relies on the quality of its customer data," says company president Michael Shroyer. "Our customers are not only guaranteeing the quality of the data that is entering their organization, they are capturing that data more efficiently, with fewer keystrokes."

"In a Call Center environment, such keystroke savings translate into cost-savings, with shorter call handling times freeing agents up to take more calls, and leading to greater levels of customer satisfaction with the call process," Shroyer says.

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