Most Vital Google Ads Statistics Traders Need To Grasp In 2022 And Beyond

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Updated · Oct 05, 2022

Most Vital Google Ads Statistics Traders Need To Grasp In 2022 And Beyond

Google Ads Statistics: Google is one of the most desired search engine networks globally. Considering its popularity, many businesses and firms have been utilizing this platform to promote their trades using Google Ads. Earlier known as Google Adwords, the Google Ads platform has been continuously evolving and developing into a billion-dollar selling venture for almost all aspiring traders since its launch in 2000. Google Ads helps traders build a brand image and connect with their target consumers. It helps marketers place their businesses forth for people who use Google services. Here we will highlight the most essential Google Ads Statistics to find out whether investing in Google Ads is a good idea in 2022 and beyond.

Key Google Ads Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • Google Ads is the most popular choice for traders who try to reach a wide audience.
  • More than 80% of businesses worldwide rely on Google Ads for PPC campaigns.
  • Google has around 92% of the search market share on average with a 79.8% share in the US.
  • The median Google Ads CTR for ads positioned at the first spot is 7.94%.
  • People are four times more likely to hit on ads posted on Google as compared to any other advertising platform.
  • Google garners 97% of its revenue from Google Ads.
  • Google suggests that the budget for the daily Ads campaign should be capped at $50.
  • Google has been the most visited domain in 2022.
  • Google display campaigns reach nearly more than 90% of internet users across the world.
  • Google took down more than 2.3 billion ad accounts in 2019.

General Google Ads Statistics

#1. Google accounts for 92.47% of search market shares on average

It has around 79.8% of search market shares in the United States. It shows that Google is the most loved search engine in the world.

search-engine-market-share-in-2022(Source: Oberlo)

#2. Google makes nearly 97% of its revenue from Google Ads

Keyword search advertising has grown enormously since Google has transformed into the primary search directory for local trades. The company generates a massive proportion of its revenue from Google Ads alone.

#3. As per Google Ads statistics, around 63% of people have hit on a Google ad

As driving traffic to products and services via clicks is the main purpose of buying an ad through Google, it might be a vital investment for new businesses that are trying to grow further.

#4. Over 80% of trades around the world rely on Google Ads for PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns

As per the 2020 Google Ads statistics, around 80% of trades rely more on on paid Google ads when it comes to PPC campaigns as compared to other alternatives.

#5. The 2021 Google Ads Statistics showed that Google took nearly 33% of Mobile ad spending

While eCommerce has grown massively in the past few years, it has been more prevalent on mobile devices such as iPods, smartphones, and iPads as consumers find it much easier to make a purchase.

#6. Paid campaigns account for 65% of clicks obtained by Google Ads

As per PPC statistics, buying & keyword bidding are major factors in the total number of clicks attained by Google Ads.

#7. The top three paid ads in search results receive around 46% of clicks

PPC ads help firms grow in size and fame. Research has revealed that the top three paid ad positions obtain nearly 46% of clicks.

#8. Nearly 2 million publishers got 68% of the ad revenue if their ads emerged on Google Ads

A report published in 2021 revealed that around 2 million certified publishers received 68% of the ad revenue if they displayed their ads on Google Ads.

#9. In 2020, Google’s parent firm Alphabet generated $147 billion in revenue via Google Ads

In 2020, a holding company for Google made nearly $147 billion in revenue out of net revenue worth $183 billion. It indicated more than 80% of its total revenue.

advertising-revenue-of-google-from-2001-to-2021(Source: Statista)

#10. PPC replicates two times more visitors than SEO

Although SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a low-priced marketing strategy, data shows that PPC makes two times more visitors as compared to SEO with less effort and content distribution.

#11. More than 80% of advertisers either utilize or strategize to use Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads help businesses design effective text advertisements; hence, Google’s Responsive Search Ads have been trending nowadays. Over 84% of businesses have shown interest in such types of Google ads.

#12. SEO takes longer to learn as compared to PPC

PPC is considered a more effective choice for upcoming businesses that wish to expand their reach, drive more traffic to their pages, and convert it into sales for a higher return. PPC takes nearly 3 weeks to learn while SEO can take more than 3 months.

#13. The median Google Ads CTR for ads positioned at the first spot is 7.94%

A study has found that Google Ads’ Click-through rate per position (CTR) for advertisements placed at the first spot is nearly 7.94% on average.

#14. Around 65% of users hit on Google ads while buying products or services

Google Ads can be highly beneficial for upcoming businesses in a saturated market landscape. It helps new businesses meet their target consumers.

#15. The Average Ads Conversion Rate for ‘Search’ across all types of businesses has been recorded at 3.17%

Google has outshined its closest competitor Bing recently recording the Average Ads Conversion Rate for ‘Search’ across all types of businesses at 3.17%.

(Source: WordStream)

#16. The legal sector accounts for the highest average cost per click (CPC)

The legal sector has reported the highest average CPC at $6.75 while the eCommerce sector records the lowest average cost per click at $1.16.

#17. The total ad revenue of Amazon was expected to grow by 15.9% in 2021.

#18. Google receives nearly more than 95% of its paid ad clicks via smartphones

#19. People who visit a page via PPC ads of Google Ads are 50% more likely to buy the product or service

#20. More than 1.2 million trades trust Google Ads to promote their products or services.

Google Shopping Statistics

#21. Google Shopping Ads lead to 85.3% of clicks

A study has found that Google Shopping Ads attract 76.4% of retail search ad spending.

#22. Google Ads account for 29% of the total ad expenditure

Google is considered the leader in online marketing. It has been one of the first companies to advocate the idea of eCommerce. It holds a whopping 29% of shares in digital ad expenditure globally.

#23. Around 98% of internet users surveyed across the world shop online

As mentioned earlier, the eCommerce industry and digital shopping have been booming majorly for the last few years, around 98% of users from across the world who have been surveyed recently choose to shop online quite frequently.

#24. Google Ads results in a massive 8:1 ROI (Return On Investment)

As per Google Ads Statistics, every $1 spent on Google’s advertising system converts into $8 in profit. It shows that Google Ads is the leading ad network on the internet fetching an ROI above the market average.

#25. The median conversion rate of Google Ads stands at 4.40%

Businesses aim to convert marketing into sales, however, Google ads can help them achieve their goal with an average conversion rate of 4.40%.

#26. Google suggests that the budget for the daily Ads campaign should be capped at $50

Google advises capping the budget of the daily ads campaign at $50. It helps new businesses advertise their products or services on the internet comfortably.

#27. The average CPC on Google Ads stands from $1 to $2

If users find a deal within this range it can be immensely profitable for them.

#28. The average annual cost of a project on Google Ads can be as high as $122 K

As per business-to-business PPC stats, the average cost of a task on Google Ads can be from $11 K to $122 K.

Google Mobile Promotion Statistics

#29. Google Ads statistics show that nearly 61.9% of clicks generate from mobile devices

Considering the popularity of mobile devices, traders need to ensure that their ads work well on all types of platforms.

#30. 4 out of 5 customers wish to see ads that are customized to their locations

Customers who are looking for locally sourced products prefer to see ads that are customized to their locations. Location-based ads are convenient for customers, cost-effective, and save travel time.

#31. Nearly 60% of customers get in touch with a business via Search

Ecommerce marketing has become much more convenient with the click-to-call feature on the majority of websites. With this feature, customers can easily use Google to connect with businesses.

#32. Around 65% of small to mid-sized companies use a PPC ad campaign

The business world has become extremely aggressive in terms of competition. Hence, it has become very crucial for businesses to keep up with the latest trend. A study has recently revealed that nearly 65% of small to mid-sized firms have their own PPC ad campaigns to translate leads into sales.


These Google Ads statistics have shown that Google Ads, Google’s advertising solution allows businesses to promote their products or services on the world’s two largest search networks Google and YouTube.  For many firms and businesses, advertising on Google has become indispensable to stay in the competition and to grow revenue and reach simultaneously. A strong presence on Google has become vital for all types of businesses ranging from local providers to international firms. With these Google Ads statistics, traders can make the best advertising decisions with their available marketing budgets to expand the reach of their businesses.


Which type of Google Ads is most effective?

As per Google Ads Statistics, Responsive Search Ads or Responsive Display Ads are the most effective ads on Google Ads.

How many types of ads are available on Google Ads?

The format of ads on Google Ads is based on the type of campaigns such as App, Display, Local, Discovery, Search, Smart, Performance Max, Video, and Shopping.

Can users run multiple Google Ads at once?

A Google Ads account can have as many as 10000 paused and active campaigns, 20000 ad groups in each campaign, and 50 text ads on each ad group.

What is the purpose of Google Ads?

Google has launched its product Google Ads to help companies and upcoming firms promote their businesses, sell their products or services, elevate traffic to their web pages, and convert the traffic into sales.

How much is the average cost per click on Google Ads?

The average cost per click on Google Ads is nearly $1 to $2.

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