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Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Feb 12, 2002

eConvergent, Inc. unveiled its flagship enterprise CRM integration platform, eMergeTM, designed to connect CRM products and disparate sources of information into one comprehensive, real-time system. eMerge works by capturing customer interactions across all CRM and legacy applications, correlating that information into a clear picture of activity, and presenting it in a single view for the company representative.

Clyde Foster, CEO of eConvergent, sees the application as a breakthrough for the CRM industry. “For the last few years, we've seen companies frustrated that their CRM investments were not yielding the ROI they sought. Central to the problem was the inability of their CRM applications and legacy systems to work together to provide customer-facing employees with the information they need to make intelligent customer interaction decisions. Too often, activities are duplicated, service is delayed, and opportunities are lost. eMerge is the first enterprise software that can collect that data from multiple customer applications, data stores and communications channels, and assemble it into a single, unified view — in real-time. This powerful technology gives company representatives the power of complete, up-to-date knowledge for every customer.”

The application is composed of two modules — eMerge Server and eMerge Viewer — that automate the business logic between CRM applications and provide the intelligence required to deliver the right customer information to the right employee. Together, eMerge enables enterprises to get a clear picture of each customer's value and history, all without replacing any existing systems.

eMerge Server uses company-defined business rules and correlates events between CRM applications, such as new and updated customer records, contact data, case files, and action items, then aligns records in real-time to support the complete customer view. This consolidated information is kept in a database that stores customer, agent, and case history metadata, indexing all customer interactions. eMerge Viewer filters the data and presents it, either through an existing CRM application, Windows desktops, or any Internet browser.

eConvergent's open standards-based platform solution can be integrated with almost any CRM or contact channel component and the pre-built adapter library currently includes applications such as Siebel Sales, Siebel Service, Kana Response, E.piphany E5, Cisco Customer Interaction Suite, and Interactive Intelligence, as well as a flexible framework for creating new adapters. Typical deployment time is within 90 days.

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