E.piphany Scores With NFL Deal

Michael Singer

Updated · Apr 09, 2002

The National Football League has tons of equipment: helmets, shoulder pads, cleats. But now it has some new gear to help it win the battle off the gridiron.

Software maker E.piphany Tuesday said it has secured a deal with the NFL to equip it and its 32 franchises with customer relationship management (CRM) software.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company said it is supplying desktop access to E.piphany’s flexible Web-based architecture to help the NFL better understand its vast, global fan base.

Not that it’s too difficult to figure out what football fans want – most want more football and less of the instant replay rule. But you gotta wonder what is really going through the minds of bare-chested hardcore fans who paint their bodies in team colors in the dead of winter.

“E.piphany is an innovator in the CRM industry and will help us and our teams to know our fans even better,” said NFL Senior Director of Database Marketing Bob O’Keefe. “With E.piphany, we will be able to better serve our fans by offering more relevant services and opportunities.”

The league said it would also E.piphany’s Insight analytic solution to gain even more information about fan trends and behavior. E.piphany said the solution will help the NFL to better design personalized promotions as well as maximize customer service.

“The NFL touches its fans in so many different ways — on the field, at the ticket booth, through television and radio, merchandising and NFL.com,” said E.piphany president and CEO Roger Siboni. “With E.piphany, the NFL will be able to gain valuable insights about its millions of fans and use that information to enhance relationships and to continue to drive meaningful interactions with those fans across multiple channels.”

The CRM solution will of course affect only those fans that tap into the league’s or team’s Web sites. But the information gained is expected to help better serve the fans. Cause you know that Buffalo Bills fans are very different from fans of the San Francisco 49ers.

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