Hortonworks, Kognitio Partner to Drive Hadoop Adoption

Wayne Kernochan

Updated · May 09, 2012

As the popularity of Apache Hadoop continues to increase, so do the partnerships for Hortonworks, a provider of Hadoop services and support and Hadoop-compatible software. Microsoft and Teradata are among prominent tech vendors on the growing list of Hortonworks' partners.

Earlier this week in-memory data analytics provider Kognitio became the latest Hortonworks partner in a match that pairs the Hortonworks Data Platform, a massively scalable, open source platform for storing, processing and analyzing large volumes of data, with the Kognitio Analytical Platform, which is designed to perform data exploration across multiple sources of information.

The two companies say they will work together to facilitate the movement of data between multiple, heterogeneous enterprise data systems and Apache Hadoop. The end result will enable companies to perform in-depth analytics on Big Data in less time and at less cost than previously required. By leveraging Apache Hadoop, the Kognitio Analytical Platform runs data transformations directly inside Hadoop for maximum scalability.

“Simply put, Hortonworks gets it. Hortonworks understands the need companies have to analyze all of their data and they know how Apache Hadoop can help them achieve the goal of maximizing the value of data flowing throughout their organizations,” said Roger Gaskell, Kognitio's CTO. “The combination of Kognitio and Hortonworks will pay significant dividends to both companies and our clients as we move forward.” 

Gaskell called Kognitio a “perfect complement to Hadoop clusters,” noting that it leverages the same parallel processing on industry-standard Linux servers. “This makes Hadoop more readily accessible, as everyday business users can use the BI tools and standard interfaces with which they are accustomed to perform analytics on more data, more quickly than ever before,” he said.

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