Jive Collaborative Software Update Leverages Machine Learning

Ann All

Updated · Jul 22, 2016

Taking a cue from Facebook and other social channels that attempt to surface information most relevant to users, Jive announced some new tweaks to its Interactive Intranet and Customer Community collaboration solutions.

Elisa Steele, CEO at Jive Software, said in a statement that the idea is to “bring employees, customers and partners together within one unified WorkHub.” The new enhancements make work “more visible, searchable and memorable.”

One of the most notable new features is a Recommender Engine that uses machine learning to deliver relevant experiences and content to users.

John Schneider, vice president of product marketing at Jive, explained how it works: “The Recommender Engine takes into account a variety of aspects relating to users’ interactions in their communities. The recommendations … take preferences into account since the user’s behavior is captured in our social graph, which underlies the engine. The user’s actions — or inaction — on any information presented by the recommendation engine in turn helps the system ‘learn’ the kind of information that is most relevant to them.”

The types of information presented include recommended content from the community and top/trending people and content within the community, he said.

These kinds of personal analytics “will not only help people see how active they are in the platform, but also how their content is resonating with other users,” said Candida Rodriguez, enterprise community manager at Jive customer Cox Automotive, in a statement. “I believe this view into members’ own impact on the community will increase the strong engagement we are seeing at Cox.”

Jive is also introducing enhanced individual recognition badges that enable people to give and receive awards for areas such as building influence, increasing engagement and driving peer-to-peer recognition and enhanced event capabilities that help deliver specific event information targeted to users and facilitate engagement before and after an event.

Brett Carpenter, social community manager at Relias Learning, a Jive customer and provider of online training solutions, said in a statement that his company is especially excited about the events functionality, as it frequently uses events to engage its users. “Jive understands our needs, and is meeting them by delivering updates like the ability to highlight both internal and external speakers, create a copy of an event and include a time zone — all of which are more streamlined ways to relay information to our members.”

Also included in the update is an integration with Sysomos, a provider of social media monitoring tools, that allows users to bring mentions from social media channels into Jive customer communities, so marketing and customer support organizations, as well as advocates, can answer questions and react to mentions in a centralized fashion.

Jive’s software is somewhat unique in that third parties such as freelancers and contractors enjoy the same collaborative features as full-time employees, Schneider told Enterprise Apps Today.

“We make collaboration secure inside and outside of the organization for everyone in a company’s business network,” he said. “The [third parties] receive the same experience and functionality the WorkHub offers full-time employees, apart from any differences resulting from access restrictions or where we have purposefully built functionality for a specific solution.”

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