KANA and Broadsystem Dance The CRM Dance

Michael Singer

Updated · Mar 06, 2002

KANA Tuesday says it is making space in its dance card for U.K.-based Broadsystem.

The two companies say they will use KANA Marketing software, KANA Response software and KANA IQ software to help provide companies in the United Kingdom with outsourced marketing communications and customer relations centers.

The deal is a boon to KANA based on Broadsystem’s client list alone. As one of the UK’s top five telemarketing agencies, Broadsystem works with BSkyB, Cable and Wireless, Celador, News International Newspapers, Airtours and Proctor & Gamble.

Of course KANA’s list of who’s-who is no slouch either. The company has paired with ADP, Chase, E*Trade, GAP, GM, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Sony, United Airlines, Verizon, and Williams Sonoma at least once in its career.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based KANA specializes in e-business services including e-mail, Web, chat, instant message, VOIP, phone and person-to-person, as well as applications targeted for marketing, sales and service functions.

The two companies have an established relationship spanning back to the KANA Connect software contract back in 2000. This time though, Broadsystem will get more access to KANA’s tools to analyze, exploit and speed the flow of customer information that will let customers personalize contact with their clients.

“We believe that generating profitable, long term customer relationships revolves around a core of customer understanding, based on a gradual build up of intelligence and being knowledgeable of which campaigns a customer has responded to in the past, via which communication channel; their preferred channel for purchasing and other services; and the history and frequency of communication and purchases,” says Broadsystem managing director Alex Green. “The ultimate objective of compiling this information should be to use the constant learning to inform and guide your communication with the customer. Using KANA solutions, we are able to provide the very best marketing campaigns and customer relationship management based on accurate, up-to-the-minute customer requirement information.”

So far, no rollout date has been set up to mix the two company’s solutions.

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