Leverance Adds Parsing, Search to LEAP

internetnews.com Staff

Updated · Jan 08, 2002

Natural language processing (NLP) technology provider Leverance, based in Bothell, Wash., partnered with Newfound Communications Tuesday in order to incorporate Newfound's advanced grammar management technology with Leverance's Language Enabled Application Platform (LEAP).

Leverance said Newfound Communications' technology adds parsing and searching capabilities to the platform. LEAP is a highly generalized language recognition engine aimed at call centers and CRM providers. LEAP already supports multiple meanings for words and phrases and allows simultaneous access to multiple information sources. By licensing Newfound's technology, Leverance adds the ability to index natuaral language references to search for content in word documents, Web sites and databases.

“By adding natural language text indexing and search capabilities to LEAP, Leverance gets a step closer to delivering on the promise of natural language processing,” said Chuck Cosby, founder and chief executive of Leverance. “With its unique technology approach and solid enabling technology, Leverance is fulfilling its promise to transform human machine interaction.”

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