Logi Analytics Intros Hourly Pricing for Analytics Tool

Ann All

Updated · Feb 12, 2015

One of the original promises of the cloud was that enterprises could buy computing infrastructure on-demand, so they could save money by scaling up only when needed. Most cloud applications, however, carry licensing terms that are not much more flexible than their on-premise counterparts.

Logi Analytics is trying to change that, with the introduction of an hourly pricing option for its Logi Vision analytics software on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace. According to the company, it will allow organizations to address fluctuating business intelligence requirements by using the self-service analytics tool on an as-needed basis.

Users only pay for what they use, turning Logi Vision on and off as needed and saving work for future analysis. In addition, they can still receive product support from the Logi Vision Community.

“Logi Vision for AWS simplifies the way business users interact and work with data, and provides a flexible, self-service analytics and dashboard solution for workgroups in an on-demand environment,” said David Abramson, director of product management at Logi Analytics, in a statement.

Abramson told Enterprise Apps Today he expects more vendors to offer on-demand offerings.

“As services like AWS, Azure and other public clouds continue to grow their communities, users will start looking for more applications and services that are made available for on-demand consumption,” he wrote in an email. “One of the reasons Logi has been successful is that we’ve always been able to match our customer needs when it comes to deployment flexibility, scalability and being able to run on just about any platform or environment. So being able to offer analytics on-demand is just another way we can meet the changing needs of our users.” 

Though the self-service nature of Logi’s tool encourages autonomous usage, Abramson said the tool includes collaboration features that allow users including administrators and business executives to access “activity streams” of information to keep tabs on activity within their workgroups.

Expanded monitoring and administrative tools are on Logi’s short-term product roadmap, he added. “We plan to continue to offer more options for users to have additional visibility into their organizations.

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