Microsoft and VW work together to bring augmented-reality into cars.

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Updated · Jun 06, 2022

Microsoft and VW work together to bring augmented-reality into cars.

Augmented-Reality Into Cars.

Microsoft has partnered with Volkswagen in order to bring augmented realities to cars through a new “Moving Platform”, mode for the Hololens 2.

Although neither company gives any details about how it will work, there are some clues as to what you can expect. Microsoft, for example, suggested that “Moving Platform”, could be used by drivers to teach them how to deal with adverse road conditions.

It is not about training daily drivers. As with all things in the HoloLens2 orbit, the focus is on business and enterprise. This means that this platform could be used for training fleet drivers, for example.

Enhanced with 3D Models

The prototype images demonstrate how this mode works. 3D models are placed inside and outside the car. HoloLens 2 mixed Reality headgear allows you to see the models only. The dashboard will have a virtual map showing the route with an arrow that points to the destination.

The HoloLens2 will display a holographic pedestrian warning when you cross the street. This is to warn you that people are coming. It will also tell you the temperature in the car.

Microsoft tried the Moving Platform prototype using Volkswagen researchers connecting one of its cars to the HoloLens. Microsoft received feedback from the Volkswagen team, which offered suggestions for improving the HoloLens’ Moving Platform mode.

This update is based Microsoft’s latest version of Moving Platform. It is intended to be used on ships at sea. The mode helps to stabilize the HoloLen 2’s view in the face of ocean waves.

Microsoft doesn’t stop at cars and boats. Microsoft plans to expand its Moving Platform to include “…elevators, trains [and] other moving environments.”

Salvaging HoloLens

The Hololens Microsoft’s take of augmented reality which they call “mixed real”. These holograms use multiple sensors, advanced optics, holographic processing, which melds seamlessly into its environment. They can be used to display information or blend with the real-world, or even create virtual worlds.

The HoloLens project may get a boost from this new partnership with Volkswagen. The company has been through some turbulent times recently.

The HoloLens3 was cancelled in February 2022. No one knew the purpose of HoloLens 3’s headset, so some HoloLens 3 team members left HoloLens 3 to work with Meta on its metaverse projects.

Microsoft has reaffirmed HoleLens 2 as a mixed-reality tool that can be used to train and provide virtual information in a wide variety of workplace situations by partnering with Volkswagen’s Moving Platform Volkswagen. It is a great hope that the Moving Platform and HoloLens headsets will one day be available in driver education classes for high school students.

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