Microsoft Boosts CRM Pitch

Mark J

Updated · Sep 09, 2010

Microsoft appears to be tired of seeing get all the headlines by dishing out a combination of pithy quotes and branded chocolates to the technology press. According to this report on Cnet, Redmond has no plans to one-up in the candy distribution business, but it is starting to speak out more strongly.

“Instead of aiming squarely at Salesforce, Microsoft’s Dynamics business, which includes the CRM product, tries to mimic Redmond’s companywide efforts to portray itself as ‘all in’ when it comes to the cloud. With Microsoft spending more and more of its massive R&D budget on cloud services and data centers, Park said Salesforce will have a tough time keeping pace. In explaining the strategy, Park heads to a whiteboard and draws a nine-box chart showing how Microsoft offers a combination of platform, applications, and infrastructure across servers and private and public clouds. Salesforce, he suggests, is only dabbling in a few of those categories.”

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