Microsoft Reports Revenues, Focuses on CRM

Barry Elad

Updated · Apr 20, 2001

Microsoft Corporation announced today that its revenue for the third quarter is $6.46 billion, a 14 percent increase over the $5.66 billion for the same quarter last year.

According to Microsoft CFO John Connors, the results were strong across all businesses and came in a little better than company executives expected.

“We were particularly pleased by the ongoing strong performance of Windows 2000 Professional and the accelerating demand for our .NET Enterprise Server products by business customers,” says Connors.

However, don't expect any big celebrations at the Redmond Campus.

Connors notes that despite this quarter's solid performance, Microsoft continues to be mindful of the current economic climate and the impact it may have on business and consumer demand.

Microsoft apparently is also aware of the importance that customer relationship management (CRM) can play in helping companies excel during these tough times.

The company held an event today in Bellevue for business decision-makers that focused on how customer-centric solutions, such as CRM, can maximize return on investment for companies and help them drive revenue.

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