MicroStrategy Delivers to Bonlac Foods

dc.internet.com Staff

Updated · Feb 15, 2023

MicroStrategy Inc. (NASDAQ:MSTR), a Vienna, Va.-based developer of business intelligence software, said that Sydney, Australia-based Bonlac Foods has selected the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform to increase efficiency and productivity by improving the delivery of business information to its users.

With ten manufacturing plants across three states, Bonlac is using MicroStrategy's Web-based business intelligence software to implement an information system via the company's intranet, which can be accessed by Bonlac users across the enterprise, MicroStrategy said in a statement.

Using MicroStrategy 7, Bonlac's users will have the most up-to-date information available at their fingertips and the ability to alter production according to the latest figures. MicroStrategy 7 is designed to save the corporation time and money by increasing efficiency and ensuring Bonlac produces enough to meet demand across all markets, the information services company said.

Bonlac expects to see a return on its investment within three to six months, as well as significant growth in the number of business intelligence users within the company.

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