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Updated · Mar 27, 2002 which equips service providers with networking tools, Wednesday said an advanced version of its netShare Knowledge Base software is now available.

The customer self-service system is based on customer relationship management (CRM) maker KANA’s IQ software. The solution is currently used by’s Technical Assistance Center to troubleshoot customer problems, the repository but will now be available to service partners, resellers, and customers.

“Many of our customers, particularly the experienced users, are looking for self-service solutions,” said vice president of global service and support John Guisto. “Our netShare offering lets us provide faster service to those experienced users. It also strengthens our long-term customer relationships.”

The netShare Knowledge Base enhances’s worldwide service infrastructure, which currently includes a technical assistance center, online case management, online parts ordering, online software updates, field service engineers, and 24-hour/7-day coverage on five continents.

Initially, netShare will offer information on’s IDNX and Promina multiservice networking product line. Down the line, the service is expected to be expanded to’s entire line including its launched its SCREAM 100/50 platform.

Fremont, Calif.-based says the netShare system draws from multiple company sources, including user manuals, error reports, release notes, service advisories, solutions, and technical tips.

Adding in KANA IQ, the company said it provides with an automated learning algorithm that automatically adjusts suggested solutions based on past experience.

“ needed a highly scalable, external-facing eCRM solution to enhance its netShare Knowledge Base and provide an improved customer self-service system for its service partners, resellers, and customers,” said KANA executive vice president of products and marketing Bud Michael. “Through the help of KANA IQ, has been able to continue its tradition of providing effective, automated customer support for the networking industry.”

No word yet on the pricing point for the solution.

Michael Singer
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