Performance Analytics in the Call Center

Mark J

Updated · Jul 08, 2010

Applying performance analytics solutions in contact centers can help organizations identify opportunities to cut costs and grow sales. This TMCnet report also says that performance analytics in contact centers also help identify issues that can affect customer retention and referrals.

“Ron Hildebrandt is founder and senior vice president of marketing, Enkata, which makes analytics-driven performance management solutions. TMCnet recently interviewed him and here are his insights:

“TMCnet: What changes are you seeing in the role of performance analytics in contact centers and what are the drivers?

“RH: First, Enkata sees a continuing trend is that performance analytics applications provides actionable outcomes: solutions that draw a clear correlation between agent performance ratings, behaviors tied to performance and an action plan to improve those behaviors through personalized development plans that include coaching, training, and self-improvement tools.

“Secondly, Enkata also sees the emerging need and interest on the part of customers to build a comprehensive analytics plan for the contact center that includes performance analytics, speech, text and desktop analytics. Speech and text analytics will continue to receive a great deal of attention, but confusion arises as to the role they play in operational performance versus voice of the customer or customer sentiment insights. Performance analytics that correlates data from multiple sources will continue to drive KPI improvements and operational improvements. And an emerging new category, desktop analytics, will provide an additional, net new data set for performance improvements tied to desktop efficiencies and skills.”

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