SAS Conversation To Boost Twitter Customer Engagement

Mark J

Updated · Oct 28, 2010

Business analytics company, SAS, plans to release its new SAS Conversation Center in January 2011. As noted in this news release on BusinessWire, SAS claims this new solution will help companies capture Tweets in real-time and identify those that are significant to the company, brand or product based on sentiment and the influence of the Tweeter.

“SAS Conversation Center analyzes the level of influence that a Tweeter has by measuring such factors as the volume of content created by the user and how often the user is included in a conversation with others. Tweets are then categorized against a company-specific taxonomy of topics to determine which area of the business the tweet is best aligned with, such as customer service, public relations or quality assurance. Sentiment analysis determines negative or positive opinion relative to topics important to that company. Topics can include products, service areas that make up its customer experience, or components linked to overall corporate reputation – as well as the detailed features and characteristics associated with products, service and reputation. Tweets are then prioritized to help the reviewer quickly understand the scale, relevance and tone of a tweet at a glance.”

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