Tips for Buying Hosted CRM

Mark J

Updated · Dec 02, 2010

When shopping for the right hosted CRM solution for your business, do you find yourself inundated with too many options? This TMCnet article explores hosted CRM options and offers tips on
what to look for to ensure the one you choose is right for your environment.

“The right hosted CRM should also be able to tract all interactions between your company and your clients. All phone calls, appointments, e-mails and any other activities with every customer should be captured in your system. These activities should easily be viewable in reports.

“The hosted CRM solution should also provide you with the capability of communicating by way of mass letters or e-mails to a group of customers who all share common data. There are a number of different benefits you should expect from a hosted CRM solution, including the fact they are quick and easy to get up and running, they can be accessed from anywhere and they require less upfront cash to get started. At the same time, there are also challenges to hosted CRM, including the fact that your data will be hosted by someone outside of your company – are you comfortable with such an arrangement?”

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