Tips for Using Social Media to Improve Customer Service

Mark J

Updated · Jan 31, 2011

So there are fewer frustrated customers it is important for a business to get the entire service mix right. This CRM Buyer report suggests that while The groundwork has been in place for a social service revolution for several years now, business has yet to fully embrace the power social media could provide it.

“And therein lies the challenge and the opportunity represented by the dawn of the social service age. It is an opportunity to blow up your set of service processes like the creaky, rickety, outmoded structure it probably is, and to rebuild it from the ground up with the customer of today in mind. That doesn’t just mean streamlining what you do now — it means incorporating social media to facilitate peer-to-peer service, adding a listening component to your service efforts to predict and anticipate service issues and improve service processes, participating in discussions of service issues that affect your business, and to feed issues raised in online forums and discussion sites into service for proactive action.

“‘All of that has the potential for exciting new ways to improve service and use it not strictly as a patch when things go wrong but to employ it to improve the customer experience. It also has the potential to deliver a greater degree of service without a proportional increase in costs.”

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