Unleashing the Power of Residential Proxies: How to Gather Data at Scale

Barry Elad

Updated · May 23, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Residential Proxies: How to Gather Data at Scale

Businesses utilize web scraping to acquire crucial data about market trends and rival industries. Well-protected websites are challenging to scrape on a medium or large scale without being blocked. One of the most efficient and legitimate ways to quickly get around web scraping limitations is by using proxy servers.

One of the proxy service types that provides some level of anonymity is a residential proxy, which, in contrast to other proxy services, is more challenging to ban. Let’s discuss why businesses should use residential proxies to scale up their web scraping practices and why companies should utilize residential proxies in the first place.

What is web scraping?

Web data extraction into a more user-friendly format is known as web scraping. For instance, an eCommerce website’s product information may be scraped and saved to an Excel spreadsheet. Applications for web scraping include lead creation, market research, pricing tracking, and news monitoring.

Web scraping is generally used by people and businesses who want to use publicly available web data to gain valuable insights and improve their judgments. Although web scraping can be accomplished manually, in most cases, an automated technique is better. Mostly, these are quicker and less expensive than manually scraping data.

Before, you could go online, choose a proxy service, order data center proxies to use with your web scraper, and everything would be okay if you needed to scrape a website. You could get the data in the required format when it was returned.

Web scraping is more difficult now than it used to be. Websites can now recognize and reject suspicious requests from web scrapers thanks to advancements in anti-scraping technologies.
Residential proxies are now much more in demand as a result of this. This proxy makes it much harder for websites to prohibit you from accessing their public data by shifting the power back to the web scraper.

Residential proxies defined

An intermediary server known as a residential proxy uses an IP address given to it by an ISP rather than a data center – this means there is a physical address for each residential proxy address. Additionally, even though billions of digital devices are connected to the internet at any given time, their IP address may determine any device’s location. Therefore, each time you go online, your IP address and information about your cookies and browser preferences are saved.

Static residential proxies are the greatest option for businesses for several reasons. If your data center proxies are frequently blocked by the website you are trying to scrape, that is the main reason to pick residential proxies over data center proxies.

What businesses gain from web scraping?

Lead Generation

The process of generating leads is ongoing. However, attempting to collect all the data manually can be challenging. Businesses may quickly create more leads with web scraping. They can get more information quickly and use it to expand their consumer base. Scrapers can gather information about prospective clients or influential people from any source where leads are active.

Competitive analysis

Companies undergoing a digital adoption strategy evaluation, must start by having a deep understanding of their rivals if they want to avoid losing out. Web scraping helps obtain essential data from rival websites. Companies can utilize scrapers to respond quickly to introduce a new product, find potential customers, forecast market trends, and maintain competitiveness.

Brand monitoring

To improve the likelihood that customers will choose their solution above that of their competitors, brands must have clear and positive online feelings as part of their holistic marketing strategy. To better understand the voice of their customers, businesses can employ web scraping to monitor forums, reviews on e-commerce sites, and mentions of their brand. This procedure helps companies recognize and prioritize unfavorable reviews to limit the harm to their brand awareness.

Other applications of residential proxies

Other than utilizing residential proxies for web scraping, there are several benefits for businesses to use residential proxies.

With residential proxies, businesses can enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. The procedure and ensuing set of measures used to safeguard an organization’s intellectual property (IP) is known as brand protection. Web scrapers combined with proxies can assist businesses in finding fraudulent websites and unlicensed sellers who might be profiting unlawfully from their goods.

Moreover, residential proxies hide the actual IP addresses of devices to secure email while monitoring all incoming and outgoing messages for dangerous links or content. Residential proxies can also provide malware protection. Cybercriminals create malware intending to steal information and crash computer systems. Typical forms of malware include worms, Trojan horses, and spyware. Proxy servers can be used to protect against viruses and block malicious websites.
Residential proxies function as a bridge between your computer and the service you asked to scrape data from. They provide additional security measures and give you an actual IP address while hiding your current one.

Gain a competitive edge with residential proxies

Businesses that place a high priority on online security and privacy can gain significant advantages from using a residential proxy service. A static residential proxy service can increase your company’s data protection and scraping capabilities and the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

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