Visible Technologies Updates Enterprise Social CRM Platform, Adds Solution for SMBs

Ann All

Updated · Feb 23, 2012

Visible Technologies, a provider of social media monitoring, analytics and engagement software and services, made two product announcements: one geared toward small and mid-sized companies and the other for larger enterprises.

The company added V-IQ, a social performance dashboard, to its flagship Visible Intelligence (VI) platform, which is used by enterprise customers such as Microsoft, Fed-Ex and American Express. V-IQ presents data and metrics from multiple data sources, including CRM data, traditional media and web analytics, in a single view.

It also now offers what it calls “amplified” engagement and sentiment features for the VI platform. According to a company spokesperson, VI now pulls in relevant social information for each post to provide context when composing a response. This data includes conversation threads with original messages and all subsequent replies, an author profile with contextual information about the creator of a post, details of internal activity related to a post, and a list view summarizing all activity related to a post.

In addition, Visible Technologies introduced VI-LITE, which it describes as “an easy to implement and cost-effective solution that gives SMBs the power to integrate social media insights into their existing digital strategy.”

Kelly Pennock, CEO of Visible Technologies, said, “With VI-LITE we’ve leveled the playing field for small to medium sized businesses by providing access to the same technology being used by large enterprises. A key to this is having a real-time understanding of what the market is saying and making better informed decisions based on social data.”

The announcements came on the heels of 2011’s fourth quarter, which the company says was the best in its history, including a single day sales number in December that surpassed any previous one-day sales figure. Visible Technologies also raised $4 million in financing in Q4. Participants included existing investors Investor Growth Capital (IGC), Joe Grano and Ignition Partners.

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