eBay, Amazon.com Earn ‘Best Customer Satisfaction’ Award

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Updated · Feb 14, 2001

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–Satmetrix Systems, a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM)
products and services, has announced that it has named eBay, the online trading community, and
Amazon.com, the Internet retailer, as joint winners of the Satmetrix Best Customer
Satisfaction award for the Internet category.

Satmetrix says results of an opt-in survey of businesses and consumers, using the
Powered By Satmetrix platform, rated the two firms as best in the Internet category. The two
were in a “dead-heat”, according to Satmetrix, with virtually identical high customer loyalty
index scores and scores significantly higher than 8.0 on a zero to ten scale, the minimum
needed to be recognized as the best in their category.

“We feel great about this recognition,” said Scott Newman, vice president of eBay’s customer
support. “It is especially meaningful to us because everyone at eBay works very hard at
making the user experience the best it can be. The Satmetrix Best Customer Satisfaction
award is another indication that our efforts are paying off.”

“At Amazon.com, we are on a mission to become earth’s most customer-centric company,” said
David Risher, senior vice president, U.S. stores, Amazon.com. “We’re thrilled to be
recognized for our commitment to delighting customers.”

Satmetrix says the survey, conducted in November, was an “opt-in” study contacting nearly
140,000 potential respondents with nearly eleven percent responding via telephone and the web.
The Internet was one of seven industry categories and companies had to meet certain criteria
within a category, such as minimum number of responses and a score significantly higher than
the next competitor to be considered for the award.

The Best Customer Satisfaction award is the first issued by Satmetrix. The company says it
will recognize selected categories each quarter and that it picked the Internet as a
category because customer satisfaction was widely perceived to be the make or break issue
for online retailing this past holiday season.

“Companies like eBay and Amazon.com are proof that some of the dot.com organizations can
successfully build out using customer satisfaction the way that many traditional
brick-and-mortar firms do,” said Andre O. Schwager, CEO and president of Satmetrix Systems.
“As a whole, the Internet category still trails some of the other vertical markets in terms
of meeting customer expectations. Nonetheless, the good news is that some Internet companies
have figured out to how to zero in on customer satisfaction to enhance their path to

The survey demonstrated that most companies see an increase in
customer satisfaction after implementing a Customer Relationship Management system, according
to Satmetrix. The company says the study also shows those companies with the highest customer
satisfaction all use very similar customer satisfaction best-practice methodologies.

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